Peter P-Square: Please Don't Judge Me

Peter of Psquare, who has gone awol and decided to separate from him twin brother Paul.

He however has continued his rant on social media,ever since he decided to be called Mr. P the solo artist. 
In this new rant released by peter on Instagram,he was asking his fans not to judge him and at the same time raining praises on himself,see what he wrote: 

“Things that you don’t know about me! Don’t be deceived by what they told y’all. I AM! and I repeat! I AM A GREAT SINGER and A Multi-instrumentalist and A Great Dancer! Don’t be Deceived! One love?? 
#DontJudgeMe #TimeWillTell #KoolestDude #MrP#AirCleared #coolitdown #PclassicRecords#ChangeIsConstant”

As for my own opinion,only time will tell.