Startimes Digital TV Prices And Features : 24,32 & 40 Inches Television,No Decoder Needed 

With startimes digital TV you can now watch your favorite startimes channels without any decoder.

Enjoy over 200 startimes channels with three months free subscription when you subscribe with Startimes Digital TV.

Startimes Digital TV Prices And Features

Q1: What are the features of Startimes 3-in-1 Digital LED TV?

The Startimes Digital 3-In-1 LED TV With 3 Months Free Subscription features HD Resolution and 2 Built-In Decoders will enable you to connect your favorite stations.

Its detailed features include:
  • 3-in-1 includes: LED TV and In-built Startimes Decorder
  • Digital signal for a crystal clear picture
  • Intelligent system upgrade for an always improving experience
  • 60% less power consumption compared to other CRT Tvs
  • HD picture quality plus HD Channels
  • LED Display
  • High Definition 
  • Stylish,with a narrow frame and slim design (Slim Type)
  • Weather-Friendly
  • One Remote Control - Easy to Use
  • More Digital Channels
  • Low Power Consumption

Q2: What is the price of Startimes Digital TV for 24,32 & 40 inches television?

A: the price of Startimes Digital TV is listed below:
  • 24 inches Digital LED TV: ₦40,000 
  • 32 inches Digital LED TV: ₦ 65,999 
  • --
  • 40 inches Digital LED TV : ₦ 134,999
Plus Inbuilt Startimes Decoder-E40M30HH

Q3: How do I make inquiries about startimes digital Tv?

A: Contact Startimes with the following numbers:
  • 014 618 888
  • 094 618 888