Top 10 Best Online Advertising Platforms In Nigeria

Every year people spend millions of money advertising,because they want to market their goods and products,
however for an individual who is out to advertise his or her product,knowing the best way to advertise your goods and services is essential. 
This article contains the best ways to advertise in other to reach to millions of people in Nigeria. 

Best Online Advertising Platforms In Nigeria: How To Advertise Your Goods & Services

Many years back,the most popular form of advertisement was through Television and radio and road side billboards,although this type of advertising is still relevant,the truth is that literally everyone is now online in Nigeria,so if your aim is to reach to millions of targeted audience with a little amount of fee,then you should focus mainly on online advertisement. 

They are also some websites in Nigeria that offer to advertise your item for free,mainly classified ads websites,but If you serious about advertising your product and services and getting positive feedback,then you should consider other alternatives.

Facts To Consider Before Advertising Online

In other to run a successful advert online,you have to put into consideration some factors. 

Why a lot of people chose online advertisement currently is because it is affordable,also it can be viewed by anyone from any parts of the world plus your ads won't be limited to Nigeria and Nigerians alone,your goods and services will be seen by people all around the world,that way you can build your global presence.
Also its advisable that you choose a platform that can expose you to thousands of potential clients,what I mean is that you should advertise on a platform that has a heavy amount of traffic. 
Another important factor that you should consider is learning how to target your audience.

For example you shouldn't advertise on a platform that deals in building materials when your product is based on fashion items,you should consider this facts briefly before starting your online campaign. 

Best Online Advertising Platforms

1. Google Adwords

Google adwords is still the best way to advertise online.
Adwords is Google's advertising service that allows advertisers to place their ads on websites. 

With google adwords your ads will be seen by thousands and millions of people. 

You can also set it to a targeted audience,you can display your ads as an image or text.  

2. Facebook

There are millions of Nigerians active on facebook,so it makes sense if you decide to run a facebook ad. 
Also with facebook ad,you can target your advertisements to display only to a certain age group, country and many other personalized features.  

3. Nairaland Forum

Nairaland is rated as one of the best website in Nigeria,with millions of daily visitors. 

The forum cuts accross all forms of information and entertainment,with real time response from Nigerians. 

If you want your ads to be seen by Nigerians from all works of life then you should consider Nairaland.

4. Linda Ikeji Blog & Linda Ikeji Social

Linda Ikeji Blog is one of the top entertainment blogs in nigeria that commands a lot of hugh traffic. 

The Gossip blog is visited by Nigerian both in Nigeria and diaspora.You can advertise on Linda Ikeji’s Blog or Linda Ikeji's social,placing adverts on LIB will give your product a much needed boost. 

5. BlackBerry Messenger - BBM

There was a time when BBM was the hottest chatting app in Nigeria,but a lot of that has changed as some people no longer chat on the app again,but regardless a lot of Nigerians are still using the application.
BBM and BBM Channels is still a very good way of advertising your goods and services,because just like every other app,its users always access the app to check their feeds. 

6. Instagram

One of the most popular social media website is Instagram. A lot of Nigerians are on instagram,especially the trendy and internet savvy ones.
You should consider running an advert on Instagram.

The catch here is that Facebook is now the owner of Instagram,so you can run your ad on facebook and show it simultaneously on Instagram at no extra cost.

A lot of companies,sell their goods and services on Instagram. 

7. Vanguard Newspaper’s website

Vanguard newspaper is one of the most widely read and popular newspaper in Nigeria. 

Most people visit the internet to read Vanguard's latest news,If you want to advertise your business online in Nigeria,then you should consider vanguard online. 

8. Twitter

Twitter is another popular social media that you can advertise your goods and products on. 

Your services and products can become popular and well known amongst Nigerians if you implement an efficient twitter marketing strategy.

9. The Sun Newspaper Online

The sun newspaper both printed and online is one of the best read dailies in Nigeria. 
You can consider advertising your business with the sun newspaper online. 

The newspaper's online website receives a hugh amount of traffic daily. 

10. Free Classified Ads Websites 

A lot of Nigerians has benefited from placing free adverts on classified ad websites like Olx and Jiji.

These classified ads allows you to post your listings,products and services online for free. 

These however has helped small businesses and entrepreneurs in Nigeria to advertise their services.