Unemployment In Nigeria: Problems,Effects,Solutions And Causes

Nigeria is the largest country with black people on earth,there is no other place on earth with a larger concentrate of blacks than Nigeria. 

Nigeria has an estimated population rate of over 200 million,yet it is facing the problem of unemployment,and the unemployment rate seems to be on the rise every day in Nigeria.

Unemployment occurs when able bodied individuals who are healthy and willing to work are unable to find jobs.

65% of employable Nigerian youths are unemployed according to the national bureau of statistics.
This article contains the problems,effects,solution and causes of unemployment in Nigeria.

Problems,Effects,Solutions And Causes Of Unemployment In Nigeria

Types Of Unemployment
  • Technological unemployment
  • Cyclical unemployment
  • Frictional unemployment
  • Residual unemployment
  • Structural unemployment
Technological unemployment

This form of unemployment is caused by the use of technological equipments hence 
displacing the need for employing human labor.

Cyclical unemployment

This type of unemployment is relevant in Nigeria's current economic situation. Cyclical unemployment occurs when there is an economic recession and people are no longer able to purchase goods which makes employers to start sacking employees.

Frictional Unemployment

Frictional unemployment occurs when there are a lot of unskilled workers suitable for a particular job.

Residual unemployment

This form of unemployment is caused by old age, physical or mental disability,inadequate training and lackluster attitude towards the job.
Structural unemployment

This form of unemployment is caused by the in balance between a countries economy and the skills required by employers.

Causes of unemployment in Nigeria

1. High Level Of Corruption Among The Leaders And Elite

The leaders of Nigerian government organizations and the political elites are highly corrupt and engage in embezzlement of funds.

They divert government and public funds made for the welfare of the poor masses into their own private purses,this selfish act will eventually fuel the rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

2. Uncontrolled Birth Rate

Nigerian population is on the rise,coupled with the rate at which its infrastructure is dilapidated,there is an exponential increase in the number of youths looking for jobs that are non existing. 

A high birth rate is one of the causes of unemployment in Nigeria.

3. Poor Power Supply

Power supply is one of the major causes of unemployment in Nigeria.The lack of power has made foreign and international companies to stay away from Nigeria because of lack of electricity. 

Local entrepreneurs that need constant source of electricity like welders,hair dressers Etc are finding it difficult to make ends meet because of the money spent to buy diesel and fuel for their generators.

The privatization of NEPA to PHCN didn't work any magic to stop the epileptic and erratic state of electricity in Nigeria,but in fact aided in increasing the number of unemployed Nigerians as PHCN ended up sacking majority of its workers after being privatized. 

4. Government Policies

The current government policies has caused a rise on the number of unemployed Nigerians.
More restrictions on foreign currency and transactions actually means that multinational companies will be afraid to invest in the Nigerian economy because of some of the country's new policies and regulations that may not be clear to them,this is another factor that has increased unemployment. 

5. Lecturers & Graduates

The Lack of quality education has worsened Nigeria's unemployment rate. 

Because of the low qualifications of the lecturers and teachers coupled with an unfavorable learning environment with zero practical work in most Nigerian universities,employers now have the mindset that most Nigerian graduates are half baked and unemployable. 

Some companies even send newly employed graduates for further training in other countries.
6. Zero Skills

One of the major causes of unemployment is zero level or no skills amongst Nigerians.

Most Nigerian youths believe that with a university degree they can get a white collar job immediately they graduate.

But after graduation they are faced with the harsh reality of looking for a job for years without finding any whereas an uneducated skilled mechanic or vehicle panel beater earns enough money to take care of himself and his family. 

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An educated graduate without any skill might end up becoming a liability to himself and others.

7. Negligence Of Other Natural Resources

Ever since Nigeria discovered oil in its region,it has neglected its other natural resources and has based solely on the oil in the Niger Delta Region. 

Nigeria won't be experiencing this level of unemployment if it had developed its other natural resources and created jobs for its future youths. 

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Effects of Unemployment In Nigeria

Due to the increasing unemployment rate in Nigeria,listed below are a few of the effects of unemployment in Nigeria:

  • High level of poverty and hunger in Nigeria.
  • High level of Immigration rate among Nigerian youths as most of them are desperately looking for ways to leave and travel out of Nigeria.

  • --
  • Reduction in the national production of goods and services.
  • Increased rural to urban migration.
  • Increase in the rate of crime and cyber crime among Nigerian youths.
  • Increase in the number of unemployed dependent people.

Solutions to high level unemployment in Nigeria

When it comes to job creation and unemployment,only the federal government has the power to reduce the level and rate of unemployment in Nigeria,some of the solutions to Nigerian unemployment include: 

1. Efficient Government Activities And Policies

The Nigerian government should enact laws and policies that will encourage foreign investors to invest in Nigeria and create jobs for the teeming unemployed population.

2. Government Investment In Agriculture & Other Resources 

The Nigerian government should invest in other Nigerian resources including the Agricultural sector which has the unprecedented capacity to produce a lot of jobs for unemployed Nigerians. 

3. Tackling Corruption

Corruption is one of the main causes of unemployment in Nigeria.
The Nigerian government should hold the holders and ministers that fail to be productive accountable,also the level of corruption should be reduced. 

4. Laws regulating birth rate

There should be laws and restrictions that can be able to control Nigeria's birth rate and population level,in other to curtail the high level of unemployment.


5. Increased Power Supply

The federal government should fix the erratic state of power supply in Nigeria in other to attract more investors into the country.

6. Skill Acquisition

The federal Government should establish skill acquisition programs in all 36 states of Nigeria in other to reduce poverty and encourage enterpeneurship. 

7.  Education

Nigeria's education system should be overhauled and the federal government should invest in the education sector in other to produce solid and well seasoned graduates for employment. 

Listed above are some of the problems,effects,solutions and causes of unemployment In Nigeria.