12 Tips For Applying & Winning Scholarships In Nigeria 

The cost of quality education is on the increase in Nigeria,
and the number of scholarships available for Nigerians is also on the decrease. 
In this article I have listed some quick tips that you can use to apply and win any scholarship you want here in Nigeria. 

Lets go check them out: 

Tips For Applying & Winning Scholarships In Nigeria 

1. Be Original

Never make the mistake of trying to copy someone else or use a format online,prepare your self and be as original as possible. 

2. Follow Instructions

When applying for any scholarship make sure that you follow the instructions for example if your required to write an essay with a specific word limit,try to stick to the word limit,do not exceed. 

3. Proof Read

Watch your spellings and grammar mistakes,when your done with your essay or any mandatory written application,make sure that it is error free,you can ask your friends,parents or siblings to help you read and proof read. 

Give it to 3 or 4 people to read before submitting. 

4. Submit Early

Make sure you submit all the necessary information and details on time,don't submit scholarship applications late.  


5. Scholarship List

Take time to research and write down all the scholarship available for Nigerians and select the ones that you will want to apply.

6. Practice Your Essays

A lot of Scholarships will  require you to write essays,make sure that you practice your essay writing in other to improve your writing skills.

7. Community Service/ volunteer work

Although this is not actually common in Nigeria, but participating in any community service near your area might be an added advantage to your application. 

8. Requirements

Sometimes its not all about writing a fantastic essay, make sure you have all the required requirements before applying

9. Be Organized

Write out everything about you somewhere,or you can even write a resume,so that you won't miss out on any important fact when applying.

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10. Aim For Smaller Awards And Scholarships

Your chances of winning a scholarship is higher with those that offer less incentive and money,competition is always higher with big scholarships,so aim for smaller awards and scholarships. 

11. Apply For Many Scholarships

Apply for many scholarships,at least you should apply for more than 10 scholarships. 
Right now most scholarships are posted online,all you have to do is to apply online and hope for the best,but remember the more you apply,the higher the chances of being awarded a scholarship.

12. Be Persistent

It is not always easy to bag a scholarship but if you are persistent you will definitely win a scholarship. Just keep on applying and developing your writing and presentation skills. 

In conclusion,try as much as possible to implement some of the tips I have mentioned in this article,you should also know that it is now easier to win a scholarship in Nigeria because a lot of people think the process is tedious and would rather not waste time to apply,so if your dream is to win a scholarship, then go ahead and apply to as many as possible.