14 Ways To Make Money From Oil And Gas Industry In Nigeria 

A lot of people will like to know how to join oil business
in Nigeria and how to make money in oil and gas industry,well if your among those that want to venture into the oil industry,this article contains ways to make money in the oil business in Nigeria.
Its no doubt that oil and gas business can make you money,however you should make out time to make your research and decide on which oil and gas product you will like to market and sell. 

The good thing about oil and gas business in Nigeria is that no matter what product your selling,your bound to have customers,also in a country of over 200 million people,the request for oil and gas products are insatiable.

Listed below are some of the opportunities in the oil and gas industry that you should consider checking out: 

14 Ways To Make Money In The Oil & Gas Business In Nigeria 

1. Haulage 

You must have seen hundreds of petrol tankers plying the major highways in Nigeria.

This tankers carry petrol and other oil and gas product from one location to another at a price. 

You can buy a tanker and start offering haulage services to petroleum dealers and marketers.

You can also move products for popular oil companies like MRS,Oando Etc

2. Refinery

Nigeria's crude oil is exported abroad to be refined before being sent back to Nigeria. 


Imagine being able to set up a standard refinery in Nigeria that is functional,that alone will make you alot of money,however its very expensive to own an oil refinery in Nigeria.

3. Oil Importation

As strange as it sounds,a lot of Nigerians are still in the business of importing oil into the country.

4. Oil Mining

Oil mining is simply the process of mining crude oil. If your allocated an oil block or able to hire one, then you will be able to start oil mining and making your cool cash.

5. Oil Servicing Company

Another viable investment opportunity in the oil and gas industry is to set up or float an oil servicing company that will cater for the needs of both local and foreign oil companies in Nigeria. 

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Your oil firm can provides services like maintenance,consultancy Etc

6. Petroleum By-Products

A lot of people are into these business in Nigeria. 

They sell petroleum by products like asphalt,tar Etc to different manufacturing companies and make money.

7. Retail and Supply

A very high percentage of people are into this business of buying and selling petroleum products like diesel, kerosene in larger quantities and reselling at a higher retail price. 

This is the most common and popular business in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. 
8. Petrol Filling Station

You can find hundreds of filling stations spread across the country,owning a filling station is very lucrative and can make you money within a short period of time.

A lot of people has invested into this business because of how profitable it is.

9. Diesel Supply

Another money spinning venture that can make you money,in summary,it involves the buying and supply of diesel to those in need of it.

10. Kerosene Business

Another money making business in the oil and gas industry,all you have to do is to find a a dependable marketer if you cannot register to be one,then you buy and sell.

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This business can be done on a large and small scale level.

11. Cooking Gas

Cooking gas is not supplied to Nigerian homes as it is done in western countries,so cooking gas business is very profitable. 

On a small scale level all you need to do is to buy gas cylinders and purchase gas directly from a gas plant,before proceeding to start selling at a retail price. 

On a large scale you can also build a gas plant with big gas storage tanks and sell to small marketers,retailers and anyone that needs to refill their gas cylinders. 

12. Oil Spillage Company

An oil spillage company takes care of oil spillages as a result of oil drilling.  
You can start up an oil spillage company.

13. Lubricant Company

The Production of different lubricant is another profitable business in the oil and gas industry.
The market for lubricants is moving very well,as an entrepreneur,you should consider investing in lubricants. 

14. Oil and Gas Industry Shares

Those that are not business savvy but still want to cash in and benefits from oil and gas industry can do so by investing in shares.

Listed above are some of the ways you can make money from Nigeria's oil and gas industry.