Access Bank Internet Banking: How To Register & Start 

Currently Internet Banking is now becoming popular among almost  all Nigerian Banks. 

Internet banking is a system of banking that allows convenient banking on the internet,the user will be able to make various financial transactions either on the banks official website or through a mobile app operated by the bank.

This article contains some quick steps on how you can be able to register and start online internet banking with Access Bank Nigeria. 
You do not need to rush to the bank and wait for hours,all you have to do is to opt in and start conducting your transactions online. 

How To Register For Access Bank Internet Banking

It is quite easy to activate access banks online banking,just follow the steps below: 

1. From an Internet enabled phone access the banks official website 

2. Click on the "Register Now" Button 

3. Fill in some of your banking details like your account number in the text box provided in order for your account to be verified. 

4. Fill in your Savings or Current Account number and click on "NEXT".

5. An authentication Mail and SMS containing an activation code would be automatically sent to your email Address and phone number you provided when you opened your account with access bank.

6. Simply type in the code in the text box provided and click on ''Submit''.

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7. Once the code you typed in has been verified,a new screen will pop up,choose your preferred internet banking ID, Password and a secure image. 

Also note that the secure image is a security feature that helps to prevent online fraudsters and scammers from having access to your online account. 
The secure image is programmed to appear every time you type in your username and click the ''submit  button'' on the Access Bank Internet banking platform. 

When trying to access your Access Bank online banking account,if the image that you up loaded during registration is what is displayed,then go ahead and type in your password.

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If on the other hand a different image is displayed or no image is displayed at all,then do not type in your password. 

7. Choose your internet banking ID, Password and secured Image, Accept the terms and conditions and click on "Submit".

8. After registering successfully,you will be allowed to log on to Access bank Online banking platform.
9. In other to send money to an individual that does not bank with Access Bank,you will need a token in other to carry out that transaction. 

A token is a personal security device that allows you to generate random numbers called "One-Time Password" that you will input before making online bank transactions. You can walk into any Access Bank branch and request for a token,it usually costs about N2500 - N3000.