Best Accredited Aviation Schools In Nigeria: Fees,Courses,Contact Details

This article contains the list of the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

We all know that pursuing a career as a pilot is not an easy task,as a matter of fact,it is a profession that requires meticulous teaching and training. 
This post contains important information about different accredited Nigerian aviation schools. 

Best Aviation Schools In Nigeria

1. Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT)

The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) is one of the oldest aviation institutions in Nigeria. 

NCAT was established in 1964 and currently located at Zaira Kaduna State. 
If you want a quality and experienced training then NCAT should be your choice.

The institution also has partnership with top domestic airlines and often recommend its graduate pilots for employment.

NCAT training courses :

  • Flying School Courses
  • Aviation Management Courses
  • Air Traffic Services/ Communication Courses
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses
  • Aeronautical Telecommunications Engineering Courses

ICAO STP basic airlines courses: 

  • Airport Emergency Procedures Course 
  • Safety Management for Aviation Practitioners (SMTxP) 
  • Training Managers Course 
  • Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Course (ATSEP- Basic) 
  • ATSEP Communication Equipment Maintenance Course 
  • Training Instructor Course (TIC) 
  • Training Developer Course (TDC) 
  • ATSEP Navigation Equipment Maintenance Course 
  • ATSEP Surveillance Equipment Maintenance Course
  • ATSEP Power and Facility Equipment Maintenance Course
  • NCAT fees ranges from N66,000 - N7,500,000. 
Duration: 1 week - 65 weeks. 


Nigerian College of Aviation Technology.
Zaria Kaduna.

2. Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)

Dhaewood Aviation Business School Is a private aviation school. 

DABS was founded in 2005 for people pursuing a career in aviation. 

DABS is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria and offers over 44 Aviation courses and 34 other courses.
The school also has standard facilities and equipment plus a certified team of qualified and certified IATA tutors. 

Some courses offered include: 

  • Airline Studies
  • Shipping, Ports & Maritime
  • Piloting
  • Airline Customer Service
  • Aeronautics
  • Airline Call center Course
  • Aircraft Engineering
  • Cabin Crew
  • Aviation Travel
  • Ticketing/Reservation
  • Airline Operation Management
  • Transport Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Airline Ground Operation Management

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DABS Aviation fees ranges from N50,000 - N7,500,000

The duration range of the courses is from 3 months to up to 2 years.


30, Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway
Cement Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Email :

3. Universal School of Aviation (USA)

The Universal School of Aviation is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

The school was created in other to create an environment for future staff of the aviation industry.
The school is also affiliated with domestic and international airlines operating in and out of Nigeria.

Some courses offered:

  • Hotel Management
  • FIATA/IATA Training
  • Electronic Booking Tools
  • Flight Attendant
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Air Ticketing and Reservation. 
USA fees ranges from N50,000 - N7,000,000


93, Isolo-Egbe Road, 
Ori-Oke Bus/Stop, 
Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria. 

4. Landover Aviation Business School (LABS)

Landover Aviation Business School also known as LABS is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria. 

The aviation institute is an NCAA Approved Aviation Training Institution in Nigeria and also the IATA Authorised Training Centre in Nigeria.
LABS was founded in 2002,the aviation school offers its students a wide range of aviation courses.

LABS has three faculties,namely:

  • Travel & Tourism Faculty
  • Aviation Technical and Aviation Operations Faculty
  • Aviation Management and Customized Programmes Faculty
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Some courses offered include:

  • Basic Flight Operations Officers’ Course
  • Basic Helicopter Landing Officers’ Course
  • Radio Telephony
  • Passenger Handling Programme
  • Basic Airside Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Basic Flight Dispatcher's Course
  • Advanced Flight Dispatcher's Course
  • International Air Transport Association
  • Ticketing Programmes
  • Basic Airfares
  • Faculty of Aviation Technical and Aviation Operations. 

LABS fees : starting from N80,000


Landover Company Limited
17 Simbiat Abiola Rd,Ikeja,Lagos
234 (1) 4607450 - 59
Fax: 234 (1) 4607462
Email :

5. International Aviation College (IAC)

The International Aviation College is one of the top aviation school in the country.

The institution was founded by the Kwara state government to train different professionals for the aviation industry in Nigeria.
The school is equipped with good equipments and highly qualified instructors.
The college is located at the International Airport at Ilorin in Kwara State Nigeria.

IAC fees : Private Pilot License - N7,000,000
Duration: 8 weeks - 2 years 

Courses Offered: 

  • Standard Pilot Course
  • Flight Dispatcher Course
  • Short Safety Courses
  • Aircraft Technician Course


International Aviation College, Ilorin 
Tel1: +234-814-166-9545
Tel2: +234-805-448-5424

Listed above are the accredited and best aviation schools in Nigeria along with their contact details,if you have any questions or comments,please use the comment box.