Fashion Blogs In Nigeria: The Top 10 

Nigerians love to look good,and care a lot about their appearance.

This article contains a list of the top fashion blogs in Nigeria this year.

Currently Nigerian and African fabrics are being shipped to different parts of the world,Nigerians also  wear western and traditional outfits and look stunning in it.

Fashion is dynamic,that is why some Nigerians come online to check out out the latest fashions outfits, fashion news and whats currently trending from fashion blogs.
Nigerian Fashion lovers visit these sites on a regular basis,no one wants to be a fashion victim,everyone wants to look trendy. 

Fashion Blogs In Nigeria: The Top 10 

1. Bella Naija

Bella Naija made the  transition from a gossip blog to a fashion blog that showcases different Nigerian fashion through public events like weddings,anniversaries etc

Bella Naija is owned by Uche Pedro,the blog also discusses about some of the latest fashion trends.

Belln naija is also one of the first and most respected blogs in Nigeria. 

2. One Nigerian boy

One Nigerian Boy is owned by a UK based Nigerian named Terrence Sambo.
The talks about men’s fashion, women’s fashion and also African culture as a whole.

3. Jadore fashion

Another fashion blog that dishes out fashion news and events on the regular.

Jadore fashion regularly posts her own personal take on fashion giving her readers ideas on what to wear and how to combine pieces of clothing together.

4. My glamosphere

Owned by Omobola Bolaji who is a professional make up 
artist,My glamosphere is a fashion blog that teaches make up and fashion tips that is essential for the average fashion conscious Nigerian lady. 

5. Fifth and Sixth closet

This is another blog that teaches Nigerian fashion community tips and tricks on how to be a fashionista,this blog is rated as being one of the best fashion blogs in Nigeria.

6. The Fashion Engineer

The fashion engineer blog as the name suggests blgs regularly about beauty, makeup, skin care and other types of fashion.

You can also learn about how to make up from the tutorial videos posted regularly.

7. Madivas

Madivas is one of the fashion websites that has a hugh collection of fashion picture gallery from aso ebi to corporate 
wears,friday night wears, church outfits Etc even fashion styles and tips for the bolf and beautiful. 

Also enjoy tips and tricks on hairstyles, skin care, food & diet. 

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You can also download the android app from Google playstore.

8. Bronze goddess

One of the beauty blogs that is focused on dishing out fashion tips and tricks for the black skin.

This fashion blog appeals to majority of females with black skin and is rated as being one of the best fashion blogs in nigeria 

9. Natural Nigerian

This blog deals mainly on how to take care of your nigerian hair and also the best places to buy natural products for your hair.

If your also looking for tips and tricks on how to take care of your Nigerian hair,you should definitely check out this blog. 

10. Sizelle

Studies has shown that the best type of skin care is the homemade skin products because it contains less side effects.  

This blog will teach you how to effectively use homemade products that can be found easily. 

The blog is regularly updated by Ebun Oluwole.