Full List Of NUC Approved Faculties Of Law In Nigerian State,Private & Federal Universities

The National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria
is a government commission promoting quality higher education in Nigeria,the commission was established in 1962 and is responsible for advisory granting approval for all academic programmes run in Nigerian universities.

It is necessary for a prospective law students to make inquiries about universities that offer law and also know the universities that has been accredited before enrolling to study Law in any Nigerian law institution.
This article contains the list of accredited Law faculties in all Nigerian universities.

The list contains: Full accredited universities,Provisional accreditation,Approval to commence,Conditional Approval to commence,Accreditation suspended,Currently being re-evaluated and Interim Accreditation. 

Full List Of NUC Approved Faculties Of Law In Nigerian Universities

Federal Nigerian Universities 
  • UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS  > Full accreditation 
  • UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN > Provisional accreditation 
  • UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA,> Provisional accreditation 
  • UNIVERSITY OF MAIDUGURI >  Provisional accreditation
  • UNIVERSITY OF BENIN >  Provisional accreditation  
  • UNIVERSITY OF JOS >  Provisional accreditation 
  • UNIVERSITY OF CALABAR >  Provisional accreditation 
  • UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN > Provisional accreditation  
  • UNIVERSITY OF UYO > Provisional accreditation 
  • OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY >  Provisional accreditation
  • BAYERO UNIVERSITY, KANO > Provisional accreditation 
  • USMANU DAN FODIO >  Provisional accreditation 
  • AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY > Provisional accreditatio
  • UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA >  Accreditation suspended

State Owned Nigerian Universities 
  • NNAMDI AZIKWE UNIVERSITY > Provisional accreditation
  • ADEKUNLE AJASIN UNIVERSITY > Provisional accreditation EBONYI STATE UNIVERSITY > Interim accreditation 
  • EKITI STATE UNIVERSITY > Provisional accreditation
  • ABIA STATE UNIVERSITY > Interim accreditation
  • DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY > Provisional accreditation
  • ENUGU STATE UNIVERSITY >  Provisional accreditation 
  • KOGI STATE UNIVERSITY >   Provisional accreditation 
  • RIVERS STATE UNIVERSITY > Provisional accreditation
  • AMBROSE ALLI UNIVERSITY >  Provisional accreditation
  • OLABISI ONABANJO UNIVERSITY > Provisional accreditation
  • OSUN STATE UNIVERSITY > Interim Accreditation 
  • BUKAR ABBA IBRAHIM UNIVERSITY > Approval to commence 
  • MUSA YAR’ADUA UNIVESITY > Approval to commence 
  • IMO STATE UNIVERSITY > Provisional accreditation 
  • BAUCHI STATE UNIVERSITY > Approval to commence
  • ANAMBRA STATE UNIVERSITY > Interim accreditation 
  • LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY > Accreditation suspended
  • BENUE STATE UNIVERSITY > Accreditation suspended
  • NIGER DELTA UNIVERSITY > Interim  Accreditation   

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Private Nigerian Universities 

  • IGBINEDION UNIVERSITY > Provisional Accreditation
  • AFE BABALOLA UNIVERSITY > Approval to commence
  • CRESCENT UNIVERSITY ABEOKUTA > Approval to commence 
  • BABCOCK UNIVERSITY > Provisional accreditation
  • --
  • BAZE UNIVERSITY ABUJA > Approval to commence 
  • AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA > Approval to commence 
  • AL-HIKMAN UNIVERSITY > Approval to commence 
  • LEADCITY UNIVERSITY > Approval to commence 
  • AJAYI CROWTHER UNIVERSITY > Approval to commence 
  • EDWIN CLARK UNIVERSITY > Conditional Approval to commence 
  • MADONNA UNIVERSITY > Currently being re-evaluated
  • BOWEN UNIVERSITY > Provisional accreditation
  • BENSON IDAHOSA UNIVERSITY > Interim accreditation
  • NIGERIAN TURKISH NILE UNIVERSITY > Approval to commence 
  • JOSEPH AYO BABALOLA UNIVERSITY > Approval to commence 


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