How Much Is Dstv Explora In Nigeria : Current Price,Review,Features And Specs 


Its no longer news that DStv offers some of the most entertaining shows on television,
now also you can enjoy your favorite shows on HD courtesy of DStv Explora. 

This post contains latest price of DSTV Explora in Nigeria,specifications and where to buy it online.

DSTV Explora Nigeria

Q1: What are the features of the DStv Explora?

Listed below are the features of the DStv Explora:
  • Record your favorite shows.
  • View your favorite shows in HD.
  • A dedicated playlist to arrange your recordings.
  • Box Office that shows you your favorite movies.
  • More movie recording time of up to 220 hours of content.
  • New DSTV Explora remote control.
  • Internet access that will enable you stream and download. media contents online. 
  • The DSTV Catchup feature enables you to catch up with your favorite shows you might have missed. 
  • Rent and download available movies.
  • Store your rented movies for 48 hours. 
  • Unlimited series recording with priority functions.
  • Access over 20 blockbuster movies from the box office.
  • Record content even when you are away from home.
  • Hundreds of titles on DSTV Catch up plus.
  • Search button that let's you to search for your favorite movies across an 8-day TV guide.
  • HD User interface and apps like news Supersport active and weather apps.
  • View one channel while recording another simultaneously.
  • Pause live TV for up to 2 hours.
  • Parental control functions.
  • Widescreen compatibility.

Q2: how much is dstv explora in Nigeria?

The price of DStv Explora decoder in Nigeria currently is about N65,000 at DSTV offices in Nigeria (without installation) and N71,300 (with installation) while the price for the DSTV Explora online on Konga's website is between N30,000 and N36,500 Naira.
Q3: Explain In details some of DStv Explora's features?


DStv Catch Up

Always catch up on movies,series,sports highlights, movies, documentaries, kids shows and more. 

Internet Access

You can also connect your DStv Explora to the internet,to discover hundreds of extra Catch up titles,these are all downloadable straight to your DStv Explora.

Box Office

Rent your favorite movies and keep them for up to 48 hours.
You can rent any of the 20 blockbuster movies.

Remote Recording

With Remote Recording, there’s no reason to ever miss your favorite shows,you can easily record your shows into your decoder.

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Better Content Discovery

With this feature you can easily find a channel and the program your looking for by pressing the search button.

More Recording Time

More recording time of up to 220,record all your favourite shows,and watch them later.
New Remote Control

This new remote control is well arranged and has some new features.

HD Viewing

Watch your favorite shows on crystal clear High definition.

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Uninterrupted access to The Playlist.The Playlist is where you can locate all your whole DStv recordings up to 220 hours.

The DStv Explora arranges your recording into different categories making it easier for you to locate what your looking for.

If you have any questions about your DStv Explora, don't hesitate to ask.