How To Advertise And Place Sponsored Ads On BBM

This article contains information on how to advertise and place sponsored Ads on bbm and also how to promote your bbm channel. 
Before the inception of today's trending social messaging aps,bbm was the favorite,everyone wanted to buy a blackberry in other to chat on its popular messenger the bbm (blackberry messenger). 
Fast forward to present day,it now seems as if bbm has fallen off the charts,regardless a lot of Nigerians still use bbm to chat and stay connected. 

BBM (blackberry messenger)

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) has up 70 million active users worldwide and over 4.5 million users in Nigeria.What this means is that you can effectively advertise your goods and services or any product your selling.

How do I advertise my products on BBM?

Sponsored Invites

Sponsored advert will show when users search for channels which are relevant and interesting to them, Channel owners can utilize this and increase their followers.

Sponsored posts

I guess you must have seen some random posts when your scrolling through your messenger these are called sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts can be placed in the BBM updates tab, these can be seen in the users feed together with latest status and photo updates from the users friends and channels they follow.

Branded stickers are like emoji’s but are bigger and can be used as a means of advertisement.

Featured placements

If you want to grow your bbm channel,you can create a BBM channel for your product,then boost it by making payment for your bbm channel to be shown among the featured channel tabs on bbm.

How do I make payment for BBM advert placement?

Blyk is the company which BBM has licensed to sell its advert spaces worldwide,however in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa, Habari Media is BBM’s sales rep while The Mobi Hunter sells BBM ads in Nigeria.

If you want to place sponsored ads on bbm in Nigeria then you should contact The MobiHunter or Habari Media.

To place ads on BBM internationally or you plan to target other countries of the world,then you should contact Blyk.

After contacting the advert company,The advert company  will then send a proposal to you with respect to your budget.
A proposal will be sent to you which contains specific details like potential reach, rates, creative specifications Etc,a company representative near your location or region might contact you with respect to your ad placement.  

If your satisfied with the proposal you will be sent an Insertion order (IO), which you would sign.

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All the creative materials needed for the advert will be provided by you before the creative deadline on the insertion order.

Once your ready send the creative materials to them,their campaign managers will then book in the campaign and optimize accordingly. 

You will receive weekly campaign performance reports.

Price list of BBM Adverts in Nigeria

  • Sponsored Invite: Costs $3.50 US dollars (Approx. N1300 Naira) per 1000 views of your sponsored invite.
  • Sponsored Post: Costs $3.50 US dollars (Approx. N1300 Naira) per 1000 views of your sponsored invite.
  • Featured Channel: Costs $1000 US dollars daily (Approx. N360,000)
  • Stickers: $2 (Approx. N700) per sticker, sticker pack contains 20 to 25 stickers.
Advert budget must not be less than $1000 (N360,000 Naira approx)

Blyk - International ( Chicago, Dubai, London, Singapore,Toronto)

Habari Media - (South Africa, Nigeria,Ghana)