How To Customize Your BBM PIN


BBM also called Blackberry messenger allows you to send messages,and videos to your friends and family in real time
and with BlackBerry’s new custom feature,you can easily customize your pin in a cool way,so that you can easily remember it when giving it out to your friends. 


BBM Custom PIN

BBM Custom PIN is a subscription based type of feature that allows you to create special customized numbers and letters as your BBM PIN.

After subscribing to this feature, your BBM pin will change and become functional and you can be able to add new friends to your blackberry messenger. 

This feature cost a couple of dollars per month,but right now blackberry is currently offering it free of charge all you have to do is to update your BBM messenger. 

How To Customize Your BBM PIN?

Currently BBM works on BlackBerry, Android and iOS and BlackBerry 10 smartphones. 

So if your using any of this devices,locate your BBM app and follow the steps below: 

  • Open BBM
  • Tap the three bar icon in the bottom left corner
  • Tap Shop
  • Scroll down to subscriptions and select the Custom PIN Subscription.
  • Create your PIN.
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More Tips On How To Choose A Good Customized BBM Pin

  • Choose a cool name that is unique,perhaps a name oor nickname that your friends call you. 
  • At least your custom pin name should be up to 6-8 characters long.
  • You can include numbers in your Custom BBM pin for example 'Hotviber007'.
  • You will be required to manage and pay for your subscription monthly,failure to do so,will result to the reversal Custom pin to the old 'Default PIN'. 
  • If after choosing a custom pin and you allow it expires without renewal,your custom PIN will automatically be available to any other subscriber that chooses your PIN and also your friends will no longer be able to add you with your custom PIN.
  • BlackBerry 10 and Android subscriptions usually renew automatically.
  • iOS users receive a monthly reminder  for the custom PIN Renewal.
  • Also users have the opportunity to renew in advance.
  • Whenever you choose to opt out of the service,you can easily cancel your subscription.