How To Pay For DStv Subscription Online Using Your Mobile Phone And Atm Card


With DStv online payment methods,you can easily pay for your subscription without moving a muscle. 

You can make payment from the comfort of your house,all you have to do is to first of all understand how it works,then you can go ahead and follow the steps. 
This article contains the quick steps on how to pay for your DStv subscription online using your mobile phone and atm card. 

How To Pay For DStv Subscription Online

First of all check out the available means of making payment: 


With Quickteller you can make online payment securely in Nigeria,all you have to do in other to be able to make payment is to register your details on quick tellers website.

After registration you will be redirected to the Interswitch website,there you can now choose your subscription bouquet and make payments.

Internet Banking

Almost all Nigerian Banks offer internet banking,and DStv is now integrated into the banking platforms enabling you to easily make payment through internet banking.

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All you have to do is to go to your banks internet banking page and follow the instructions laid out for DSTV subscription payment,in most cases before you can be able to use your 
banks internet banking,you will have to register and fill out some details and also be issued a token, ensure that you verify all these before initiating payment. 

Mobile Money

Another option is to use some other mobile money merchants like first bank's first monie,mypaga,Etc

How To Pay For DStv Subscription Online Using Your Mobile Phone And Atm Card?

It is easy as Abc,after registering your details on Quicktellers website (registration is not compulsory)  grab your debit card or ATM card:

  • Access with an internet enabled mobile phone.
  • Select 'View All'
  • Scroll down and select 'Cable TV Bills'
  • Select 'DStv Subscription' 
  • --
  • Fill in every necessary detail.
  • Choose the bouquet you want to pay for.
  • Make sure you have enough money in your bank account.
  • Authorize Payments.
You would be notified with a message and a receipt of your transaction if it was successful. 

How To Activate DStv Subscription After Payment?

Take your phone and send activation prompt ‘RA’ followed by your smartcard number to 30333 for immediate activation. 
Example : RA 12345678910 to 30333.

You can also use this method to pay for your GOtv subscriptions as well.

How To Pay For DStv Subscription Online Using Mobile Money? 

Simply log into the mobile page of the mobile money platforms such as Paga,First Bank's First Monie Etc via your mobile phone.

Select 'DStv subscription' 
Follow the prompt and make payment.
How To Pay For DStv Subscription Using Online Internet Banking? 

You can make payment via your banks online internet banking. 

MultiChoice has partnered with almost all the banks in Nigeria thus making it possible for customers to make payment from their bank accounts.

However before you can enable this transaction you will need to activate internet banking from your bank and a transaction token will be issued to you.
Simply log into your banks official website or via the banks official mobile app through your internet enabled mobile phone and select the "pay bills" option.

Follow the prompt and fill in other details and make payment. 
If the transaction was successful you will be notified and the money will be deducted from your bank account. 

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These are the methods that you can use to make payment for your DStv subscription using your mobile phone and your ATM debit card.

If you have any questions,you can ask using the comment box.