How To Quickly Start A Concrete Block Industry In Nigeria 

Setting up a block industry is not all that capital intensive
and it can yield a substantial amount of money daily if managed properly. 
This article contains quick steps to setting up and running your own block making industry in Nigeria. 

How To Quickly Start A Concrete Block Making Industry

Follow the steps below to setup your own concrete block making industry:

1. A Plot Of Land

You will need to acquire a plot of land,a 100ft X 100ft will be just fine.

Also ensure that the land is not water logged,in other not to damage the molded cement blocks. 
A dry level land will be perfect. 

The land will also be used to store equipments and cements so you should build a shelter or roof without a wall. 

The plot of land should be located in a new developing area. 

2. Equipments

You should make arrangements to purchase some equipments essential for your block industry like:
  • Delivery Trucks - Used to supply blocks to customers.
  • Block molding Machine - For molding the cement mortar into blocks.
  • --
  • Cement Block Carrier - Needed for cement, sand and water mixing.
  • Head pans.
  • Shovels
  • Concrete Mixer - This equipment is used to mix the sand, cement and water in the right correct proportion,concrete mixing can also be done manually.
  • Wooden Palette - The moulded blocks will be placed on the palette while they dry in the open.
  • Diesel-powered Generator.
  • Water supply - Water is very essential in your block industry,consider digging a bore hole or dig a deep well. 
  • Cement - You will need an efficient supplier that can supply you with high quality cement at a cheaper price.
  • Sand - Locate places or areas where you can be able to buy cheap and quality sharp sand.
  • --
  • Experience Workers - All hands on deck! you have to hire up to 5 or 6 workers that will help you to run your block industry efficiently like a blocking molding machine operator ,cement,sand and water manual mixers and also manual loaders. 
  • As your business expands you can consider hiring more staff. 

3. Register Your Block Industry

Register your block industry with appropriate government authorities like the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) for proper documentation,payment of tax and also to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

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Cement business is a very lucrative in Nigeria,you can make as much as about N20,000 - N25,000 thousand daily and over N500,000 monthly,these figures could be higher or lower,it all depends on how you manage your block industry.