How To Set Up A Provision Store / Supermarket In Nigeria + List Of Store Items

There are so many businesses that one can start off in Nigeria,and one of them is setting up a provision shop or
a small mini mart or even a big supermarket.

Worldwide convenience stores generate billions of dollars as people are increasingly more likely to buy items from these stores because of it's accessibility.

If opening a supermarket or a provision store is your dream,this article contains informative tips on how to effectively set up a provision store in Nigeria,plus also some of the items that should be in that store. 
Starting ooff a provision store or a supermarket is not easy at all,but this article contains some practical steps on how you can achieve this feat easily. 

How To Set Up A Provision Store / Supermarket In Nigeria

1. Business Plan

Before you open a supermarket or store you should sit down and draft a business plan,and the strategy that you will use to achieve your goals,the amount of money you will invest,the profit you are expecting to make Etc,failure to plan translates to planning to fail. 

2. Business Registration 

Consider registering your business if you plan to start off on a large scale,if however you want to start off on a small scale,then you should wait till your business grows. 

However you might still be required to pay some fees to the state government or the community where the business is located. 

3. Location 

The location of your supermarket or provision store is very important,as a new comer you wouldn't want to go and rent a shop where there is stiff competition,its better to rent a shop
where there is less supermarkets and competition,the goal should be to rent a shop in a strategic position with less competition.

4. Suppliers

Look for manufacturers and wholesale distributors of goods and products. 

When it comes to supermarket and provision business the good thing about it is that your customers get to choose from a whole lot of varieties of products. 
You should make sure that you stock your shop with different products at a moderate price. 

5. Organization 

This is very important to organize your supermarket,because a well organized supermarket usually experience more sales because your customers already know where to pick what they want easily without wasting time. 

Arrange the items for sale neatly according to different category,this will also enable you to monitor your items and it will also be easier to restock. 

6. Efficient Staffs

You cannot run a supermarket business alone or even a provision business,you will definitely need some help with running your shop. 

Depending on the level or scale you want to run your business in,you should consider employing a store manager,a cashier or maybe if the supermarket is large you can also hire a security man. 

7. Automated Machine

Consider installing an automated machine for your cashiers  in other to prevent loopholes and loss of profit. 
With an automated machine, it is easier to issue receipts to customers and also helps with proper accounting of all sales,items sold are scanned into the system and is accounted for. 

8. Employees Training 

Owners of supermarkets and large provision stores always neglect this aspect whereas it is a very important part of supermarket business.

Your employees will be dealing with different kinds of people with different characters and attitudes,so therefore they should be trained and courteous to your customers. 
A well served customer will definitely come back to patronize you again and will as well recommend your services to their friends and colleagues. 

9. Advertisement 

You have to make a constant effort too advertise your business,if printing of flyers and hand bills is not working out,then you should try advertising with try jingles on local radio 
stations,or facebook adverts,google adverts etc all this will definitely make your supermarket to become popular. 

10. Freebies

Consider giving out freebies like calendars or any of your branded merchandise to your loyal customers.

They will definitely show it off to their friends and colleague and this in turn will attract more customers. 

List Of Store Items That Should Be In A Supermarket/ Provision Store

Jewelleries: Wrist Watches, Earrings, Wrist chains, necklaces,pendants Etc
Organic Food: Fresh fruits and raw vegetables.
Toys for kids

Drinks: Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Drinks.

Canned Foods: Tin tomatoes Paste, Sardines, Canned Sauce and many other canned products.

Hair Products: Hair extensions, Hair cream, Hair Relaxing Creams.Etc

Kitchen Wares & Utensils: Plates, Cutleries, Kitchen pots and Pans, Stoves, Gas Burners, Dish washers.

Diary and Poultry Products: Milk, Eggs,Cheese Etc
Clothes: Shirts, Suits, Jackets, Sweaters, Skirts, Pull-over, Underwear, Pants Etc

Footwear: Male and Female shoes, Loafers, Boots, Sandals,Slippers Etc

Packaged Products: bread, assorted biscuits Etc
Sports Equipment: Skipping rope, Board games, Running Shoes, Dumbbells, Static Bicycles Etc

Electronics: Phones,Television sets, Laptops, DVD Players and other electrical gadgets.

Toiletries: Soaps, Toilet rolls, Face towels, Hand napkins, Shampoos Etc

Household Products: flower Vases, Shoe Bags, Portable wardrobes Etc

Seasonal Products:  Products sold during festive periods like Christmas hats and christmas tree.

Food Stuffs: Packaged Rice, Beans Etc

Pet Supplies: Pet food, Liquid soaps for bathing them and Pet toys.

Miscellaneous Products: You can literally sell anything in your supermarket or provision store,you will definitely see a customer that will buy that item.