How To Start A Lucrative Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria ✂

Starting a barbing salon business is a very lucrative business venture in Nigeria,
this business can generate a lot of revenue for you if properly managed. 

This article contains some quick steps on how to start a profitable barbing salon business in Nigeria.

As with almost every business venture there is usually no short cut to success,you have to invest your time and energy in other for your business to grow.
Barbing salon business is dominated by male barbers but trust me there are also some other female barbers that are giving their male counterparts a run for their money. 

On the other hard, female barbers tend to have more customers.

Now lets look at how you can set up your barbing saloon business in Nigeria and a few things you need to put in place before starting.

✂ How To Start A Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria ✂

Q1: What are the factors to consider before opening a barbing salon in Nigeria? 

Learn How To Barb

This will determine if your saloon will be successful for not,before setting up a barbing salon,try and learn how to barb.
It is a skill that can be learnt,of cause you will be dealing with people and their hair so if you want them to keep on coming back,then you have to learn how to be a good barber. 

You can learn how to barb within 3 to 4 months,barbing involves learning the art of shaving,tracing,carving and trimming the hair.

Rent A Shop

After learning how to barb,go ahead and look for a good and decent shop to rent. 

Make sure that the shop is well ventilated and spacious enough to accommodate your customers. 

Furnish Your Shop

Take time to furnish your shop and make it conducive for your customers. Also make sure you have all the necessary equipments needed.
Consider buying all the necessary sterilizing instruments and also make sure your barbing saloon is air conditioned. 

Buy Original Clippers

Make sure you buy two to four pairs of original clippers. A good clipper will help you to barb your customer's hair with precision.

Buy A Sterilizer

Make sure that you buy a sterilizing machine or if you cannot afford to buy that,consider buying other sterilization creams and spirits.

A sterilizing machine is ideal because it will help to prevent the spread of communicable diseases,also your customers will know that you care about their health.

Buy A Generator

Due to the epileptic condition of power supply in Nigeria,it is imperative that you buy a generator for your business.


Make sure that your rent your shop in a very busy location in 

other to attract a lot of customers,preferably a residential area or near an institution or even a market.

Employ Workers

Unless you plan on working alone which in some cases is not possible,you have to consider employing two or three extra barbers.

Q2: What are the equipments needed for a barbing salon?

A: Consider buying the following equipments:

  • Clippers - should be of high quality
  • Sterilizing creams
  • Spirits 
  • Combs
  • Powder
  • Mirror
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Generator
  • Barber Chairs
  • Barber Stations & Wet Booth Units
  • Cutting Stools
  • Barber Poles
  • Barber Shop Disinfectant Sanitizing Jars
  • Disinfectant & Germicidal Products
  • Sanitizing System 
  • Hair Brushes 
  • Professional Shaving Products - Mugs, Soap, Kits 
  • Barber Neck Dusters
  • Sterilizers & Autoclaves
  • Hair creams
  • Spirits
  • Aftershave
  • Hot towels
  • Barber Shop Floor Mats Etc
Q3: Why should I open a barber shop in Nigeria?

I guess you want to know some reasons why this business is lucrative and profitable,here are some reasons?
1. A lot of people need to cut their hair on a daily basis,so your services will be needed.

2. In this era of social media,everyone wants to look good,everyone wants to look presentable too,so all you have to do is to cash in on this and make your cool cash. 

You can never lack customers,as long as your a good and skillful barber.