How To Start A Quarry Business In Nigeria 

Basically a quarry is an open excavated pit where materials like limestone,dolomite,basalt,gravel,granite Etc are excavated. 

When it comes to construction in Nigeria and any other part of the world,quarrying can't be overlooked. 

Important construction materials like cement,marble,slate Etc which are used in construction are also gotten from quarrying. 
This article contains quick information on how to start a quarrying business or make money from quarrying business in Nigeria. 

Quarry Business In Nigeria

Quarrying is a very lucrative business but it is capital intensive. 
Presently in Nigeria there is a hugh population with a very few decent housing,so construction of new buildings is thriving and also construction and quarrying companies are also experiencing high patronage.

Nigeria is a country blessed with excess natural resources that is quite easy to explore,you don't need to be a technology wizard to effectively open a quarrying company in Nigeria.
There is almost zero to a few competition in this business because its very capital intensive and a lot of Nigerians shy away from this business,allowing multinational international companies to monopolize the business.

How To Start Quarry Business In Nigeria

The two ways you can start quarrying business in Nigeria is by acting as a middle man or establishing your own quarrying company. 

Middle Man In The Quarrying Industry 

This is more like being an Agent in the quarrying industry,but for anyone with an ambition of owning a quarry industry this should be the first step. 

Acting as a middle man will expose you to a lot of tricks and turns in the quarrying and construction industry and will also make you some good money.

All you need to do is to act like the bridge between demand and supply, hence what you will do is to link quarry companies together for business transactions. 

If the business falls through you will be paid a commission,as simple as that.

All a middle man needs is to be mobile and also have the right marketing skills in other to develop a good network of contacts.
A typical day in the life of a middle man involves approaching many construction /quarrying/ building sites and  let them know that you can reliably supply them with construction materials or other quarry products via another construction company.

Quarry Owner

As lucrative as it is,you need millions of naira to be able to start off and own a quarry business in Nigeria.

Listed below are some of the steps you need to take before starting and owning a quarry in Nigeria


In most cases,you will have to lease a land for about 2 - 5 years,which will cost you about two - ten million naira or more depending on the location. 

It is advisable to lease a land because in most cases when your done excavating, the land might become unusable.

Also you need to select a land with a great location that is filled with the raw materials that you need,that's why it is imperative that you seek for the services of a geologist and an estate surveyor. 
Nigerian states like Enugu, Kogi, Plateau, Ogun, Oyo, Osun Ekiti,Ebonyi Etc are among the states with abundance of granite which is the most available and affordable building material in Nigeria.

Also your chosen location should be near a location where construction activities are going on in other to make sales.

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Also make sure that your location is motorable by heavy trucks,you wouldn't want to incur more cost by grading your own road. 


You have to register your business and get all the proper documentation before you can start your quarry business in Nigeria.

Register your company with recognized national commissions and associations like the 
Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals. 

This organizations will make sure you pay the right taxes and will register your business legally.

Ensure that you settle with the community that you plan to set up your quarrying site to avoid interruptions and unnecessary drama. 

Also consider the following before start up: 
  • Cadastal Survey
  • Perimeter Survey Of the Quarry

This is why this business is capital intensive because you will need the services of some heavy machinery for your site. 

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You can either buy or lease,if however you intend to buy these machines which will be beneficial in the long run,also note that it costs a lot to service these heavy equipments.


For a granite quarry,you will need the services of:
  • Granite Crusher
  • Excavator
  • Dumper
  • Carriage trucks 
  • Pay loader
  • Way bridge
It will cost you millions of naira to buy and maintain these equipment,its advisable to consider leasing these equipments for work if you cannot afford to buy them. 

Some well known and established construction/quarry companies in Nigeria include - Ratcon Construction Company,Petra Quarries, Lafarge Etc