Pure Water Business In Nigeria: How To Start 

What makes pure water business so lucrative?
Why is there an increase in the number of pure water manufacturers in Nigeria? What are the basic steps you need to take before establishing a pure water business in Nigeria?

Pure water is simply a packaged drinkable water that is served inside a transparent nylon bag.

The product is in high demand because of Nigeria’s hot weather hence the need to cool off with a cold drink.
Starting up a pure water business is very profitable and can generate a lot of money on a daily basis and millions on a monthly basis,however the work is tedious and also capital intensive,before starting a pure water factory or venturing into the multi million naira business,make sure you conduct a proper and extensive research.

Here are some of the main factors that should consider before starting a pure water business in Nigeria.

Pure Water Business In Nigeria


Chose a location that will be conducive and spacious enough for your pure water business.

Consider buying or renting a factor that you can use to produce your pure water. 

If you cannot afford this,then consider using a three or four bedroom bungalow for your pure water business,just make sure that you are not manufacturing your product in your living area.

Endeavor that your factory site or bungalow is not located near a cemetery, refuse dump, fuel depot, septic tanks and pit latrines.

2. Water

In other to effectively run this business,water should be your best friend,you need a constant supply of water.
Some pure water manufacturers package well water for their customers,this might not be healthy,it is always preferable to sink a bore hole.

3. Overhead Tanks

You will have to install an over head tank,one should be for the storage of water while the other will serve as a reservoir to supply water to the distillation system.

4. NAFDAC Registration

NAFDAC is the agency in charge of food and drug regulations in Nigeria. Before you can effectively start up your pure water business,you need to register with NAFDAC and get approval.

Without approval and proper certification accompanied with the issuance of NAFDAC Number you will find it difficult to operate your business in Nigeria.

Visit the closest NAFDAC office in your area or CLICK HERE to access the requirements online.

The application and registration will cost you about N30,000.

5. Water Purification

You need to ensure that your water is properly sterilized,there are few water purification systems that you can use,which includes  distillation, reverse osmosis,Carbon filtration, Ultra-violet light filtration system and several others.
A lot of pure water manufacturers in Nigeria use Ultra-Violet light filtration and Reverse Osmosis for the purification of water.

6. Sealing Machine

A sealing machine is very essential in pure water making business,they are several types of sealing machines from the small manual ones to the big automatic ones.

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In other to make your work less stressful,consider buying the automatic water sealing machine,some types can seal up to 40 types per minutes and have other functions like filling, counting Etc

7. Nylon Materials (Logo And Product Name)

You will need a lot of nylon materials in pure water making

business,you have to look for a cheap source of Nylon materials, also the nylon has to be branded with your logo,product name and NAFDAC number.

8. Register Your Business

Its imperative that you register your business name if you have plans of expanding your pure water business and operating the business on a large scale.

9. Factory Workers / Employees

Believe me when I tell you that pure water business cannot be handled alone,you need to employ other people that can assist you.
Consider employing a driver,motor boys,packers and cleaners for a start.

10. Distribution Truck / Van

You will need a distribution truck or van that can help you to supply products to your customers easily.

11. Distributors

Having a lot of active distributors will help you to sell your products faster. You will sell to your distributors at a lower price,they will in turn re sell to their customers for their own profit.

12. Generator

PHCN is not your friend in this business,so you should consider buying a reliable power generating set for your business.

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In conclusion pure water business is very lucrative and can generate a lot of revenue for example if you  can produce between 500 to 700 bags with one machine in a day,currently a bag of water is being sold for N150 in some parts of the country.
Then if a bag is being sold at N150 per bag and you supply 500 bags to your distributors/ customers in a day i.e
  • 500 bags X N150 per bag = N75,000 per day
  • N75,000 X 28 working days = N21 000 000
It is quite possible to make over two million naira monthly with pure water business,however endeavor to have a precise business and marketing strategy before starting your pure water manufacturing business.