RIA Money Transfer In Nigeria: How To Transfer And Receive Money

Ria Money Transfer specializes in the transfer of money Worldwide
from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific to Africa and even online.

Ria gives you the platform  to send money quickly to your loved ones and the transaction it’s also secure.

This article contains facts on Ria money transfer and how you can easily transfer and receive money here in Nigeria.
Since its inception in 1987 the company has grown to  become the third largest money transfer service in the world with over 314,000 locations in the world.

RIA Money Transfer in Nigeria: How to Send and Receive Money

Ria money transfer provides a convenient way for Nigerians in diaspora to be able to send money back home through reliable sources. 

When it comes to the transfer and receiving of funds in Nigeria the two popular names that comes to your mind will be Western Union Money Transfer or MoneyGram.

However RIA Money Transfer Services is also efficient when it comes to the sending funds internationally. 

Apart from that RIA transfer has a lot of benefits for Nigerians using their services compared to the other money transfer agencies.

With RIA money transfer, you can transfer funds directly into ay bank account from over 140 countries in the world and guess what? You don't even need to show up ot visit your banks customer care section before you can have access to the funds. 

So take for example,your working overseas but you have a functional Nigerian bank account and you want to start saving your money,all you need to do is to transfer your funds into your Nigerian bank account easily without too much stress. 

Also note that you can also send money to Nigeria to someone that doesn't have a bank account,but the cash will be collected over the counter. 

How to Send Money to Nigeria through RIA Money Transfer

Here is a summary of how it works: 

  • 1. Select a recipient
  • 2. Select bank deposit
  • 3. Select a payment method

Transfer to over 30,000 locations, or send directly to a bank account.

Let me explain further :

First of all you have to register online and have an account with RIA. 

You would need to have an account with RIA before you can use their online transfer platform.So the first step is to register and input your personal details online. 

On the website you will also see an online RIA price calculator that will convert the amount that your about to send and give you the exact amount of what will reflect in the bank account your sending it to.

After registering,you can then decide on how you want to pay,you can pay either with your debit card, credit card or through your bank account.

Then next step for you is to chose a delivery method,you can either select a delivery method which allows the money to appear directly in the recipients Nigerian bank account or select a cash pick up location where the recipient can visit to claim the money over the counter.

After selecting the cash delivery method then go ahead and input the recipients first and last names,preferably as written in the recipients government issued ID card,input his or her e-mail address and telephone number.
After providing all the necessary and important information about the recipient and when a successful transaction takes place,the money will be deducted from your account and you will be issued a pin which you will disclose only to the recipient.

The recipient will disclose this pin at the cash collection point before he or she will be paid. 

After transferring your funds,then you can easily track your transfer on the RIA money transfer website.

RIA Money Transfer also has cash points and locatioons in different nigerian banks like First Bank of Nigeria and Diamond Bank Plc.

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You can walk into any of their branches and receive your cash,make sure you visit with an government issued Identity card like your International Passport, Driver’s license,Permanent Voter’s Card or Nigerian National Identity Card as a proof of identity. 

Also make sure that the name written on the identity card corresponds with the name used to send the money. 
Furnish the bank with The pin given to you by the sender,amount sent,sender’s name and country of origin,after providing the bank with all this details,your money will be remitted to you within minutes. 

If you have any questions,you can use the comment box. 


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