Top 10 Strangest And Weirdest Buildings In The World

Call it weird,distorted,spooky,strange or even out of this world
,whatever you chose to call these buildings,the fact still remains that they are some of the weirdest and strangest buildings on earth. 

This articles contains details of some of the weirdest buildings on earth. 

Top 10 Strangest And Weirdest Buildings In The World

1. Cubic Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Cube houses are a set of innovative houses built in Rotterdam and Helmond in the Netherlands and was designed by architect Piet Blom.

The cube houses was designed based on the concept of "living as an urban roof".

The designer tilted the cube house to 45 degrees,and rested it upon a hexagon-shaped pylon.

His main idea of designing a cube house is mainly to optimize  the space within the house.

The cube house are 38 small cubes, and they are all attached one to another.

2. Stone House, Portugal

The stone house in Portugal was built between two rocks,initially the house was built as a holiday destination,but currently it has been turned into a museum. 

3. The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, Brazil

This architectural wonder looks like something out of these world,The saucer structure,which looks like a UFO is The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum in Brazil. 
Built in 1996 and designed by Oscar Niemey, it is oone of the weirdest and fascinating buildings in the world. 

4. Dancing Building, Czech Republic

Designed in 1992 and completed in 1996 The Dancing House or “Fred and Ginger” is situated in Prague, Czech Republic and has been described as being an amazing masterpiece of architecture,which carries it's own romantic charm and allure. 

The way the buildings hug each other is fascinating. Fred and Ginger was designed by Vlado Milunic in cooperation with Frank Gehry.

The building is now the symbol of Prague. 

5. La Pedrera, Spain

La Pedrera or "open quarry" is a modernist building in Barcelona,Spain.
The building has an unconventional rough and strange appearance,it was opened in 1910.

6. Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada

The Habitat was designed by The Israeli Canadian architect Moshe Safdie as a main attraction for Expo 67 that was held in Canada.

The building is fascinating and comprises 354 identical, prefabricated concrete forms arranged in various combinations, reaching up to 12 stories in height.

7. National Centre for the Performing Arts, China

The National Centre for the Performing Arts,took 6 years to be built.
The building looks like an gigantic egg, lying in an artificial lake. 

The building was built from titanium and glass.

8. The Crooked House, Poland

This building looks like something from a children cartoon just came to life.  

This house is located in Sopot, Poland and was built in  2003. 
The digitally crooked and strange house was built based on the the pictures of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg.

9. Cathedral of Brasilia, Brazil

This amazing building was designed by Oscar Niemeyer using 16 columns of concrete with each weighing 90 tons. 
The binding is full of light and is fascinating.
10. Forest Spiral – Hundertwasser Building, Germany

Forest Spiral Hundertwasser Building in Darmstadt, Germany is a rainbow colored building with a forest on top. 

The strange building was built by Austrian architect and painter, Friedensreich Hundertwasser.
The building has 105 apartments 

Bonus: Atomium Belgium

In 2013, CNN named it Europe's most bizarre building,the Atomium belgium was designed by the engineer André Waterkeyn and architects André and Jean Polak.

The building comes with stairs and escalators and a restaurant which has a panoramic view of the city of Brussels.