Top 35 Hot Untapped Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria

A lot of people are seriously leaving the shores of Nigeria in search of greener pasture,
while there are a lot of hot untapped and lucrative business ideas to invest in Nigeria.

A lot of Nigerians will say that most of these hot business ideas are capital intensive but the truth of the matter is that a lot of Nigerians are not willing to take the risk and venture into entrepreneurship here in Nigeria,they all want blue collar jobs in Nigeria and in different foreign countries.
However for those who are looking for hot business ideas with little or zero competition,check out some of these business ideas listed below. 

Top 35 Hot Untapped Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria

1. Poultry Farming

One of the very lucrative business in Nigeria,a owner of two thousand birds can make millions of naira as profit monthly. 

2. Snail Farming

Snail farming requires a low capital for start up and yields a lot of money.
This business can make you millions within a year,also you can start off on a small scale and grow big.

3.Rice Farming

Nigeria imports rice from china and Thailand because of shortage of rice supply in 
Nigeria,starting a rice farm can earn you a lot of money. 

4. Fruit Juice Production

Nigerians love to drink fruit juice,the fruit juice industry in Nigeria is worth billions of naira.You can start up your own low scale juice manufacturing industry. 

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5. Cassava Production

Cassava is now a hot commodity as tons are exported daily from the shores of Nigeria to different foreign countries. 

6. Furniture Sales

Most homes patronize and use locally made furnitures. Even if your not a carpenter you can arrange for regular supply from reliable Carpenters while you rent a show room to display the furnitures. 

7. Haulage Services

It costs about N25,000 to N250,000 per truck to transport goods and services via the road. 
Haulage of petroleum goods and food stuffs from the north is a business worth investing in,although at first it can be capital intensive. 

8. Pure Water Production

The first set of people that started pure water business are millionaires now,that not withstanding,pure water business sells very fast and very profitable too.

9. Buying & Selling Of Petroleum Products

You can start dealing in petroleum products or if you have the capital you can open a filling station and engage in the selling and distribution of fuel,diesel and kerosene.

10. Used Car Spare Parts

If you have a relation living in western countries,you can start the business of sending spare parts to Nigeria.
Most Nigerians drive foreign cars that requires parts that can only be gotten from overseas,you can bridge the gap and start importing tokunbo spare parts of cars.

This business is one of the hottest.

11. Hotel Business

There is a reason why everyday new hotels seems to be springing up in different parts of Nigeria.

The reason is that Nigerians are fun loving people,investing in hotel business is very lucrative.

12. Dry Cleaning

These is one of the businesses that most people shy away from,but it is actually one of the most lucrative and hot businesses to start or invest in. 

Professional dry cleaners make a lot of money,however they have to be efficient. 

13.  Professional Car Wash

As long as your located strategically in any busy Nigerian city,be rest assured that you will 
make a lot of money.

14. Sales Of Building Materials

Even in or out of recession,new houses are springing up everywhere. 

You can decide to start the sale of building materials or start importing building materials to sell.

15. Fast Food Eatery

Food is a daily part of our lives,opening a well managed fast food that sells and serves different tasty Nigerian dishes will generate quick cash for you.

16. Investing in Landed Property

Landed properties will always appreciate and not depreciate,you can invest in landed 
properties by building and selling or renting an already built house. 

17. Nursery And Primary School

Most modern nursery and primary schools in Nigeria now cost more than some of the federal universities in Nigeria.
Starting a primary or nursery school is very lucrative. 

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18. Transport Business

Running a well managed transport business is very lucrative,all you have to do is carry your customers safely to their distination and get paid for it. 

19. Online Advertising Company

Most businesses are now online and advertise online,if your tech savvy you can start up an online ad company that advertises for different companies. 

20. Raw Materials Export

There are several raw materials that you can export out of the shores of this country and make your money. 

21. Fashion Business

Don't be deceived,modern day tailors are millionaires,most people both men and women are now fashion conscious with majority of them splashing thousands of naira on clothes all thanks to social media platforms like facebook and instagram. 
Fashion business is one area you shouldn't overlook if you want to invest. 

22. Tutoring

Most Nigerian parents will gladly cough out a good amount of money for extra tutoring for their kids,consider setting up a tutoring company specifically for extra mural classes and home tutoring.  

23. Event Planning & Design

Event planners get paid a lot of money for planning and setting up venues for weddings and parties Etc
Consider investing or starting up an event planning company.

24. Show Business And Entertainment Media

Nigeria is the heart of Africa with over 200 million people,and a high percentage of that population are young people that like shows and entertainment,an entertainment company 
will make you a lot of money in Nigeria.

25. Internet Companies

There are actually a few companies that offer data to millions of Nigerians,you can invest in an internet company or begin one with the sole aim of providing data services to millions of Nigerians. 

26. Cleaning Services

How about offering cleaning services to private and commercial clients who are very busy to manage their cleaning themselves.

27. Online Stores

When was the last time you shopped online? Creating and selling your goods and services 
from a website is not a bad idea.

28. Pet Breeding and Training

It is now trendy for Majority of upper middle class Nigerians and the elite to have an exotic pet like foreign species of dogs. 

You can start breeding and selling different species of dogs,cats Etc sell and make money out of it. 

29. Security Installation Services

You can start selling and installing of security gadgets like CCTV cameras, stun guns,car trackers, pepper sprays,mobile trackers Etc. 

30. Night Cl*bs

A very organized  Night cl*b will generate millions for you,if its well managed. Nigerians can party every day of the week. 

31. Photography

Consider investing in professional photography,alot of people are cashing out from it.

32. Hair Stylist

Nigerians will always want to look good,you will make money as a hair stylist here in Nigeria. 

Also did I forget to tell you that Nigerian hair stylists are hot cake abroad because of the fact that there are so many Nigerians overseas with a few hair stylists that can make or braid African / Nigerian hair styles. 

33. Phone Sales and Repairs

People get attached to their phones and will spend a lot just to fix their mobile devices,so 
offering a  phone repairs and maintenance services would definitely earn you some cool cash.

34. Make-Up Artist

Although it seems there are now a lot of people claiming to be make up artists,the actual professional artists are making so much money from their business.

35. Recruitment Agency

You can set up an agency that will help Nigerian companies to  source for competent staff to fill up the vacancies in their businesses.You can also source for talent for music companies Etc

Listed above are some of the lucrative business ideas that you should consider starting in Nigeria as an entrepreneur. 


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