Unilever Nigeria: Address,Careers,Recruitment And Products

Unilever makes and sells products under more than 400 brand names worldwide.

Over Two billion people use them on any given day.Unilever products is available in many countries. 

Unilever Nigeria is a company that deals with the production of nutrition,hygiene and personal care goods in Nigeria.
This article contains information about Unilver Nigeria,its  Address,Careers,Recruitment And Products. 

The company is also ranked as one of the best FMCG companies in Nigeria

Unilever Nigeria

Q: Unilever Nigeria Contact Address And Phone Number? 

Unilever PLC, 
1, Billingsway, Oregun, 
P.O. Box 1063, Ikeja, 
+234 (1) 279 3000
+234 (1) 2716068

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Q: Unilever Nigeria,Careers & Recruitment Portal?


Access www.unilevernigeria.com/careers/graduates/apply-now/

Q: Unilever Nigeria products?

Some of Unilever's major products include:  
  • Pears products
  • Close-up Toothpaste
  • Lifebuoy Soap
  • Lux Soap
  • Blue Band Butter
  • Pepsodent Toothpaste
  • Vaseline
  • Omo
  • Knorr food seasoning
  • Royco food seasoning
  • Lipton tea
  • Fair & Lovely
  • Geisha
  • Rexona
  • Royco
  • Sunlight