30 Essential Things To Take To The NYSC Orientation Camp 

So after months of patiently waiting for NYSC to mobilize you
,it finally happened,you are going for serve for one year,your excited,ever since you received the news, you have been receiving congratulatory messages from family and friends,and you were among the fortunate ones,you were posted to your state of choice,everything seems to be perfect and going on fine,but wait... 
Before you get too excited and get carried away,there are some essential items you will need to take along with you else your stay at the orientation camp will be stressful and much more tedious for you. 

Most NYSC orientation camps in Nigeria are not conducive so before you travel,you have to be prepared. 

This post contains 30 essential things you must take to NYSC camp. 

30 Essential Things To Take To The NYSC Camp 

1. Call-up letter 

This is the official letter given to you by the NYSC.On arrival at the orientation camp,this letter will be taken from you and will not be returned, make sure that you do not forget it at home,as this is the main reason why you are even going to the orientation camp in the first place,also make sure you don't laminate your call up later.

2. Original Documents 

Foreign students are expected to come to the orientation camp with the original documents they uploaded online,if you are a foreign student,make sure you don't forget all your original documents,because they need to be verified in the orientation camp. 

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3. NYSC green card

NYSC green card is the first print out that was given to you when you first registered,before you printed your call-up letter,the NYSC green card contains your personal details and bio-data. 

4. School ID card

Make sure you come to the orientation camp with your school ID card.

5. Statement Of Result

Make sure you come to the orientation camp with your statement of result issued to you by your school authority. 

6. Photocopies 

Make as much photocopies as possible,make up to 15 -20 copies of some of your important documents because it will definitely save you the stress of queuing up for hours,also it will save you some money too.

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7. Passport 

For some reason everything done inside NYSC orientation camp must require your passport 

photograph,so try as much as possible to bring up to 20 passport photographs with red colored background.  

8. Medical Licenses 

If your an optometrist,doctor, pharmacist, nurse,lab scientists Etc make sure you don't forget to take along with you your proof of certification.

9. Stationary 

Make sure you come along with writing materials like pen,gum,tippex Etc

10. Round Neck T-shirts

The round neck t-shirts are almost indispensable inside the orientation camp and that is what you are expected to be wearing for most hours of the day. 

You will be given 2 pairs by the camp administration,here is a tip,make sure you come with 5 extra round neck t-shirts,what that means is that you will end up having 7 round neck t-shirts that you can wear one every day of the week,then on weekends you can do your laundry. 

10. White Shorts 

You will also be given two white shorts at the orientation camp, make sure you buy at least a minimum of 5 extra white shorts or even 7 if possible.

11. White sneakers and socks 

Endeavor to buy a pair of white sneakers and socks when coming to the NYSC orientation camp.

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The pair of sneakers and socks given by NYSC are usually of low quality so its advisable to buy your own pair of sneakers and extra socks.

Some other necessary items needed include:

12. Padlock 

13. Bucket 

You can buy this at the mammy market to avoid carrying of extra load. 

14. Toiletries 

15. Rechargeable flashlights

16. Towels

17. Rubber Slippers

18. Treated Mosquito Net

Trust me you wouldn't want to fall sick in camp from malaria,make sure you buy the large sized mosquito treated net. 

19. Waist Pouch

This is your secured vault for 3 weeks,make sure your pouch is always on you,or near you,as a matter of fact sleep with it,your valuable items like money,phones Etc can be put inside it to avoid theft. 

20. Basic Drugs

Make sure you take your medication with you,drugs like panadol or paracetamol, medicine for your allergies,nausea relief drugs,Etc can be a life saver,most camp clinics are always empty.

21. Beverages

22. Disinfectant Or Dettol

Trust me,you will definitely need this.

23. Bed sheets, Pillow Cases and A Pillow

Consider buying from the mammy market to reduce load.

24. Handkerchief

25. Plate, Bowl And Cup

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26. Entertainment 

You can come with your Novels,PSP,iPod,MP3 players Etc 

27. Ray-Ban sunglasses for the sun

28. Extra phone batter(ies) and extra Network SIM card

29. Buy A Quality Power Bank

30. Raw Cash

Make sure you come to the NYSC orientation camp with enough money. 

You can come with N20,000 - N30,000 if you can manage well and also if you will be eating the camp food,but if you don't want be eating the camp food and want to be comfortable then you should budget around N50,000 - N100,000 for the camp, to be on the safe side. 

What to expect on arrival at NYSC Orientation Camp?

You will join a queue and do the necessary registration,after which you will be given your 

NYSC State Code Number, you will then proceed to claim your NYSC Kit and Mattress after which you can proceed to get a Room. 

Your NYSC kit should contain:
  • 1 NYSC Crested Vest
  • A pair of Oversized Khaki Trousers
  • Cap and Jacket
  • 2 White T-shirts
  • 2 Pairs of Knickers
  • 2 pairs of green-stripped Stockings
  • A Pair of Orange Jungle Boots
  • One Pair of White Converse. 
  • A "Belt" is also included.
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