Bukina Faso Embassy In Nigeria Full Contact Details 

Burkina Faso also known officially as the Republic of Burkina Faso is a country located in West Africa. 

Burkina Faso was previously called the Upper Volta,but this name was changed to Bukina Faso in 1984.
The capital city is called Ouagadougou,Bukina Faso does not have any coast with an ocean or sea,people from Burkina Faso are called "Burkinabé".

Bukina Faso means "land of honest people" and was named by the country's former president Thomas Sankara.

Ngerians planning to travel to Bukina Faso can contact the Burkinese Embassy in Lagos with the details below. 

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Bukina Faso Embassy In Nigeria
  • 55 H, (left wing), Adebisi Omotala close
  • Victoria Island Lagos
  • Nigeria
  • Phone: (+234) (0) 810 609 7820