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Central Bank Of Nigeria: Address,Websites,Emails,Phone & Full Contact Details 

This post contains the address,websites,emails,phone and full contact details of the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN).

The Central Bank of Nigeria popularly called (CBN) is the Central bank and apex monetary authority of Nigeria.

CBN established by the CBN Act of 1958 and commenced operations on July 1, 1959.

The CBN exert overall control and administration of the monetary and financial sector policies of the Federal Government,The central bank also acts as a lender of last resort and adviser to the federal government of Nigeria.

The main objectives of the CBN are as follows:

  • Issue legal tender currency in Nigeria. 
  • Ensure monetary and price stability. 
  • Promote a sound financial system in Nigeria.
  • Maintain external reserves to safeguard the international value of the legal tender currency.
  • Act as Banker and provide economic and financial advice to the Federal Government.
  • CBN is charged with the responsibility of administering the Banks and other Financial Institutions (BOFI) Act (1991) as amended.
  • Ensuring high standards of banking practice and financial stability through surveillance activities.
  • Ensuring as well as the promotion of an efficient payment system in Nigeria. 
  • CBN has also performed and helped to improve some parts of the Nigerian economy like the financial, agricultural and industrial sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Central Bank Of Nigeria Contact Details

Central Bank of Nigeria Head Office
  • Plot 33, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Way
  • Central Business District,
  • Cadastral Zone,
  • Abuja, Federal Capital Territory,
  • Nigeria
  • P.M.B. 0187,
  • Garki Abuja.
  • Nigeria

Work Hours: 
8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m
Monday - Friday except on national holidays. 



General Enquiries:
Media Relations:

Forex Helpdesk

Scam Related Enquiries:

SMEEIS Enquiries:

AGSF Enquires:

Microfinance Enquires:

Bank Consolidation Enquires:

Authorized Dealer Enquires:

CBN Training Center:

suppliermanagement@cenbank. org

Website/Technical Issues:

Issues on CBN Branches:
CBN Phones:

Authorized Dealer Enquires:
+234 9 462 37804

+234 9 462 37802
Reception Desk:
+234 9 462 39701-02

Forex Helpdesk:
+234 9 462 37827
+234 9 462 37831

Commercial Agricultural Credit Scheme:
+234 9 46237602

Corporate Affairs:
+234 9 462 36011
Fax: +234 9 462 36012

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