Fidelity Bank Nigeria Internet Banking: How To Register & Get Started

Why go to the Banking hall when the Banking hall can come to you? 

With Fidelity Bank's Internet Banking you can access and make use of it's online banking platform any time of the day from any part of the world as long as you have Internet access.
You can simply carry out some online transactions from your internet enabled phone, laptop or PC. 

Fidelity Bank Nigeria Internet Banking

With Fidelity Bank Online Internet Banking you can easily and quickly pay your bills, buy airtime, and transfer funds to any account within Fidelity Bank or with some other banks. 

Some of the transactions you can carry out with your 
Fidelity Bank Internet Banking account includes:
  • Airtime Purchase.
  • View Accounts Summary.
  • Payments to Up to 1000 Beneficiaries at once. 
  • Save Beneficiaries.
  • Transfer money to Fidelity Bank accounts and other Bank Accounts.
  • Pay Bills - DSTV, Airpeace,Quickteller Merchants, Remita Billers Etc.
  • Upload Your Profile Display Picture to your online dashboard account. 
  • Self Transfer funds Without Token Response.
  • Check and Manage Transaction Limits.
  • Accounts Management.
  • Accounts Statement Download in a Variety of Formats.
How To Register For Fidelity Bank Internet Banking

As long as you have a Bank account with Fidelity Bank you can register for Fidelity Bank Internet Banking.

To register you can either download the request form online from,fill the form then scan and send to or you can submit to the nearest Fidelity Bank branch for process or you simply walk into any Fidelity Bank branch and request for Fidelity Bank Internet Banking request form,fill it and submit. 
After successfully registering for Fidelity Online Banking,you will be assigned a unique Corporate user ID and password, also you will use a One Time Password (OTP) for 2nd level authentication of your transactions to ensure security and safety. 

An OTP is a transaction password that can be used once under a very short time window for Fidelity Internet Banking transactions.

Also you should request to be given a token from any Fidelity Bank branch closest to you,there are two types of token,a hard and a soft token.

A token is required to make Intra or Inter bank transfers transactions and also bill payments,airtime recharges Etc,before you can carry out this type of transactions you will be required to input a token response after your transaction password.

If your experiencing any difficulty during with Fidelity Online Banking,feel free to contact Fidelity Bank's customer care unit via Fidelity TrueServe:
  • Email:
  • Telephone: +234-1-4485252
  • Whatsapp: +2349030005252
Or you can simply visit the customer care section of any Fidelity Bank Branch closest to you to lay a complaint.