GTBank Internet Banking Login: How To Use

GTBank has continued to set the pace when it comes to internet Banking in Nigeria.

to locate any GTB Bank closest to you and request for an internet banking form and Token Request Form from the customer service officer in the customer service section.

Carefully fill these forms correctly and submit back to the officer in the customer service section. 

You can even go online,download the form,fill it,scan or even snap with your phone and send to 

For those that don't have a GTBANK account you can also walk into any GTBANK Bank branch and open an account.
If your application was approved, GTBank will send your login details to your email address. 

Afterwards you will then need to access GTBANK'S online Banking platform,CLICK HERE to access the online platform.

Enter your UserID and Password that was sent to you by GTBANK via email.

Once you have logged in make sure that you change your default password to a more unique and secure password for security reasons. 
According to GTBank,they were the first Bank in Nigeria to introduce internet and online Banking in Nigeria before other Nigerian Banks followed the trend. 

GTBANK also is has a high number of customers especially students and young people because of it's appealing method of Banking. 

So you might ask yourself,what is the benefit of GTBank Internet Banking? well for starters, there are many benefits of conducting some of your Banking transactions online,some of the reasons is that you can comfortably Bank from your home,office or any location in Nigeria that you have internet access. 

You can also pay your monthly bills online quickly,and also in real time,utility bills like DStv,PHCN can also be paid easily,all you need is a laptop or any mobile device that is connected to the Internet. 

Most of us hate standing in the long queue in the Bank as this is strenuous,with GTBank Internet Banking,you will visit the Banking hall less frequently,this will also save you some precious time.

For the business savvy individuals that make online transactions and money transfers on a daily basis,GTBank's Internet Banking is a must because you will be able to access and check your account balance in real time, transfer funds to anyone within Nigeria or outside Nigeria,you can even request to have your bank account statement printed whenever you want.
As for those that love to shop from different shops and websites from around the world example AliExpress,Ali Baba Etc you can easily shop with your GTBANK Naira Master card. All you have to do is to shop in dollars and you will be billed the equivalent in Naira,all these and more are available through GTBank Internet Banking Login.

How To Register For GTBank Internet Banking Login

To register for GTBank's Internet Banking all you have to do is
Also know that you will also be issued a Token,A Token is a small electronic device that generate special digits or number that will enable to you to carry out some third party online transactions.

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For example you will be required to have a token to complete the transaction of transferring money from GTBANK to another Bank. 

In Conclusion:

This is basically all you need to know about GTBank's Internet Banking Login and how to use it,if your still having some difficulty or you want to make some inquiries,you can contact GTBank's Internet Banking Login center by dialing 0700 GTCONNECT(0700 482666328) or by sending an email to