How To Book Cheap Local & International Flights From Nigeria

How does it feel when you realize that the person sitting next to you on the same flight paid less?

And apparently you paid twice or thrice that amount to get your own ticket?

A lot of people has said that it's actually not possible to get lower flight rates for both local and International flights but it's actually possible to get cheaper rates and prices all you have to do is to know some tips on how you can book and pay for your local and international flights from Nigeria. 

How To Book Cheap Local & International Flights From Nigeria

1. Be Ready

Apparently you have been issued a visa,all you have to do is to arrange everything in order,make sure that all your travel documents are ready and well kept,it's time 
to go and look for cheaper flights to book.

2. Flying Period

A lot of people book,pay and reserve flight tickets on weekends and expect the price to be the same with tickets booked on a week day. 

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Air fares are usually higher on Fridays, Saturdays & Sunday.
Schedule to book your fligh from Monday to Thursday.

3. Booking Tips

Now here is the catch,most Airlines don't want to fly at a loss,not with the high cost of Jet A1 fuel,so most airlines will eventually lower their price at the last minute.

The hack here is that if you want to book for your flight,you rather book early or too late. 

If you book early then the prices will be a little low,but if you book very late your most likely to see cheap flight tickets online minutes or hours before the flight departure.

4. Booking Portal

There are some booking portals that people claim to help source all the best flight deals. 
There are some popular ones like Wakanow,Expedia Etc that you can use,however some travelers complain that they end up spending more money while some say they got theirs cheaper through these portals,you can try them out and see if it will work for you. 

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5. Flier Miles

If you travel a lot,there should be a discount for you,some Airlines give their frequent customers special discount rates especially the International Airliners,if you have been traveling with a particular airline for a long time,you should verify and ask them about their travel miles or discount packages for their loyal customers. 

6. Social Media

Sometimes a lot of these local and international flights advertise on different social media platforms,they reduce their flight fares all in a bid to attract new customers,you can follow some of these Airliners on social media so you wont miss out on their travel deals.