How To Clear GOtv Error Codes: E48-32,E016, E17 & E32 


As a GOtv subscriber,you should be familiar with some of the error messages that pop up on your screen. 

these error codes pop up as a result of a lost in connection or an expired subscription status,whatever the case maybe,you 
should be able to know how to clear this errors that stop you from viewing some of your favorite channels even after making payment for your subscription. 

This post contains information on how to clear error codes E48-32,E016, E17 & E32 on your GOtv.

Most of this errors pop up when you allow your subscription to expire while error E48-32 when there is a sudden change in the position and direction of your antenna. 

How To Clear Error Code Message On GOtv

Here are some of the ways you can clear your GOtv terror codes: 
  • Look for the sim you used to register for GOTV,from the sim dial *288#
  • After dialing, select 1 for GOTV
  • When prompted again,select 1 again
  • Enter your IUC number (this is written on the red patch under your GOtv Decoder)
  • Input number to clear error codes
  • Go to your message box
  • Send "RESET IUC NUMBER" to 4688
  • Example: RESET 5678012574 to 4688
This should solve the error message problem.


Another way that you can clear GOtv's error code is by visiting the GOtv Easy service website. 

  • With an Internet enabled smart phone,laptop or any device that has access to the Internet log on to
  • Click on Clear Error Code
  • Select Nigeria (Usually selects by default)
  • Simply type in your IUC number
  • Type in the Captcha code for verification
  • Click on Clear Error
  • That's it! The error notification will clear

After subscribing for your GOtv,wait for about 1 hr 30mins,if viewing is not restored, then use any of the methods stated above to clear the error code. 

Ensure that your decoder is turned on when your trying to remove the error code.