How To Back Up & Recover Your Phone Contact Numbers With MTN Backup 


A lot of people misplace their mobile phones or it gets stolen
and they end up losing all their important contacts,if you have a lot of important numbers in your mobile phone,then its only wise that you find a way to backup all your contacts in case you misplace or lose your mobile phone. 
This post contains information on how you can easily back up your mobile phone contacts through MTN Back Up. 

MTN Back Up

MTN Backup is a service that provides MTN subscribers and customers a way to keep sim and phone contacts secured and safe on an MTN online account.

What this means is that your contacts will be stored in MTN'S online account and if anything happens to your phone or SIM, you can simply restore your data to your new mobile phone or SIM.

With MTN backup you can backup up to 200 contacts on your SIM and up to 5000 contacts on your mobile phone.

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Q: How Do I Backup My MTN Contacts?

In other to use this service 
  • Text “Start” to 307
  • Go to the SIM Menu "MTN Service "available on the MTN 128k SIM.
Q: Which phone can I use for MTN Backup?

MTN Backup service is available to all phone types.

Also note that mobile phones that run on Windows OS can only Backup SIM contacts not phone contacts.

Q: How much does MTN Backup cost?

New customers pay N100 at the beginning and then N50 every 2 weeks.

Automatic Backup happens every 2 weeks (14 days).
Existing customers pay just N50 every 2 weeks.


The cost of backup is the same regardless of the number of contacts backed up. 

CLICK HERE to visit the MTN Backup Portal.

Check if your MTN sim is the MTN 128k SIM Card with MTN Backup inside,if not then you need to buy a new MTN 128k SIM Card before you can use this service.