How To Travel Abroad From Nigeria 

A lot of Nigerians will like to travel abroad to look for jobs in other to
earn a decent income,while some others travel overseas for tourism,educational purposes or just for business. 
Whatever is your reason to travel out of Nigeria,you must know that you cannot travel abroad for free,and also there are steps to take if you want to travel out of Nigeria.
This article contains the steps you must take before you can be able to travel out of Nigeria. 

How To Travel Abroad From Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populated black Nation on earth,and majority of her citizens want to travel and leave the country,that however has caused an increase in the number of people applying for visas.

Many Nigerians are being refused visas on a daily basis,but nevertheless if you have a valid and legitimate reason to travel out of Nigeria,backed with the financial assistance and proper documentation your visa application won't be denied,now lets take a quick look at the steps you have to take before travelling abroad. 

Step 1 - Apply & Get Issued An International Passport

Visit the office of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS)  in your state and apply for an International Passport. 

The official price of the 32-page regular e-passport is N17,600 but it's advisable that you have up to N30,000 for the process.

Also make sure that you visit the NIS office with the following documents:

National I.D card,Local Government of Identification Certificate,Birth Certificate or a sworn Affidavit at the Federal High Court that clearly states your age,also note that the International passport should be valid for at least six months before your scheduled travel date.

Step 2 - Choose A Country

Before now you must have decided on the country that you will like to visit,however most countries will require you to obtain a visa before you can visit. 
You have to make inquiries from the Country’s official embassy website to determine if you will be needing a visa. 

However there are about 45 visa free countries that are accessible for Nigerian passport holders while there are some countries that you will be issued a visa on arrival,these type of visa's usually have a validity period of 30 to 90 days.

Step 3 - Purpose Of Visit

You have to categorically state your purpose of visit to be able to be issued a visa.

You can travel for tourism,business, education Etc,also note that you will be issued a visa based on what your purpose of visit,for example if your travelling for tourism,you will apply and be issued a tourist visa,so you have to be sure of your purpose of visit,so that you can boldly and confidently answer your visa interview questions. 

Step 4 - Hotel bookings / Accommodation 

The visa officer would definitely want to know where your going to stay on arrival,so you have to present an evidence to show that you have an accommodation, if you have a family,close riends or relation that you intend to stay with,you will disclose it,if however you don't then you need to have a proof of hotel booking for the number of days you intend you stay in their country. 

Step 5 - Book A Plane Ticket

After making a concerete plan for accommodation the next step is to book a plane ticket. In some embassies you might even be required to book and pay for a return ticket,all these are to make sure that you return back to Nigeria before the expiration of your visa. 
You might book the flight ticket on hold first,then make the actual payment if you were issued a visa,tickets and receipts of such bookings will be presented to the visa officer at the embassy. 

Step 6 - Apply For A Visa

Some countries will require a one on one interview while some will require you to drop your application documents and leave,whatever be the case,before you apply for a visa make sure that all the required documents are complete.

Step 7 - Take Off

If your visa application was approved,you will be contacted to come and pick it up,on the day of your journey,check into the airport and present all your necessary travel documents including your international passport for screening by the immigration officers. 

Afterwards you will enter your flight and take off,make sure you do not violate your visa conditions,endeavor to return to Nigeria once your visa expires.