KPMG Nigeria: 10 Quick Facts You Need To Know

KPMG is an international auditing firm that started it's operations  in Nigeria in 1978. 

This article contains some quick facts about KPMG that you definitely need to know. 

KPMG Nigeria: 10 Quick Facts You Need To Know
  • 1. KPMG is one of the biggest four auditing firms in the world. 
  • 2. The acronym KPMG stands for Klynveld, Peat, Marwick and Goerdeler respectively.
  • 3. The company was founded about 30 years ago.
  • 4. KPMG boasts of having a knowledge of international and local market,this knowledge and strategies are transferred to their clients who will then have an edge over their competitors.
  • 5. The company offer professional and advisory services to local and international organizations in the Nigeria business community. 
  • 6. KPMG’S vision is to build and sustain her reputation as the best firm to work with by ensuring that her people,clients and communities achieve their full potentials.
  • 7. KPMG's main services include Actuarial,Assurance,Financial, Legal ,Tax advice and Management consulting.
  • 8. KPMG has about 800 trained, dedicated and professional staff with deep industry skills and competence in audit, tax and advisory services.
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  • 9. KPMG Nigeria office address is located at KPMG Tower, Bishop Aboyade Cole Street, Victorial Island.
  • 10. KPMG's member firms in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein merged to form KPMG Europe LLP