Leadership Newspaper Nigeria: 12 Quick Facts You Newer Knew

Leadership Newspaper provides it's readers with the latest
political, stock market, financial and business news from around Nigeria.

Leadership Newspaper is one of Nigeria’s most read popular daily newspaper.
This post contains quick facts about the Leadership Newspaper that you never knew. 

Leadership Newspaper Quick Facts 

  • 1. Leadership Newspaper started circulating in November 2004.
  • 2. At inception LN was just a weekly newspaper. 
  • 3. As of 2016,it became a daily newspaper. 
  • 4. One of the publishers Mr. Sam Nda-Isaiah is a best selling author and has worked with the Daily Trust Newspaper.
  • 5. The newspaper has won the prestigious award of " Newspaper of the year" twice,this award is usually presented by the Newspapers Vendors Association. 
  • 6. You can also access and read leadership newspaper online,it's website is among the top websites in Nigeria. 
  • 7. Leadership newspaper is published by Leadership Newspaper Group, in Abuja, Nigeria.
  • 8. The Website of Leadership newspaper is updated every day.
  • 9. Back in 2007 a dozen of Nigerian SSS agents arrested the editor and general manager of Leadership Newspaper due to it's involvement in the Nigerian political scene.
  • 10. In 2008 some policemen from the Niger State Command raided the Leadership Newspaper office and arrested the deputy editor of the Newspaper.
  • 11. Leadership Newspaper won the  "Newspaper of the Year" award in 2009, the award was organized by the Nigerian Union of Journalists.
  • 12. The New English Review's threatened to sue the Leadership Newspaper over the article "Igbo Jews of Nigeria Strive to Study and Practice" for plagiarism,The Leadership Newspaper later issued an apology.