List Of Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria

You must be mistaken if you think that online shopping sites are not making enough

profit,actually a lot of Nigerians now prefer to shop online.

Currently there are a lot of online shopping sites in Nigeria but I will just list the top selling online shopping sites in this article. 

Konga and Jumia redefined the concept of online shopping in
 Nigeria,come to think of it,who ever taught that a time will come when Nigerians will comfortably shop online without having doubts.

You can shop for items from the comfort of living room,all the items you ordered will be delivered to you,and in most cases you will pay on delivery.

Now lets take a look at some of the top online shopping sites in Nigeria in no particular order: 

List Of Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria

1. Konga

Konga is rated as one of the top online shopping site in Nigeria, you can search and buy anything you want on this shopping site. They also affer affiliate programs for people that would want to earn money by helping them market and sell their products.

2. Jumia

Jumia set the pace in online shopping business and made a lot of Nigerians begin to trust and start shopping online,this online shopping site has been rated by a lot of Nigerians as being the number one shopping site in Nigeria.

You can buy a lot of products from jumia,from beauty products, to fashion, electronics, household items Etc,the online shopping site also runs it's own affiliate program.  

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3. Payporte

Payporte entered the world of online shopping in Nigeria when the platform has already been set,the online shopping site recieves a fair amount of patronage from Nigerians especially 
after it hosted the BBN show,however some Nigerians are still skeptical to shop on Payporte because they no longer offer the pay on delivery service. 

4. Dealdey

Dealdey is a Nigerian online site that offers discounts on different items like phones, electronics, fashion, home appliances, kitchen Etc,you also have the opportunity to sell your item on, the e-commerce platform is definitely one of the best online shopping sites in Nigeria.

5. Kara is one of the top online sites that carved a niche out of it's self by selling electric and electronic devices to Nigerians.

Kara offers products ranging from mobile Phones to Electrical and Power Supplies products at some of the best prices.

6. Mall4Africa offers a global shopping experience for nigerians,you can have access to over 200 US & UK online stores from Africa.You can also download the mobile app on your phone.

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7. Fashpa

Fashpa is an online fashion store where you can buy fashion items like male and female clothes,accessories Etc.Foreigners can also buy Nigerian clothes and fabrics from the online store. 

8. Gloo

Now you can shop for your groceries and have them delivered at your doorsteps,cool right?

Gloo is an online supermarket and online grocery shopping site in Nigeria,the online site also sells other products as well. 

9. MyStore

MyStore is one of Nigeria’s Indigenous online retailer for selling of electronics,car accessories,phones,books, fashion Etc 
although still not as popular as these other ones mentioned above,this online site has a lot of potential. 

10. Yudala is one of Nigeria’s online shopping site,you can shop for anything on, search and shop for Phones, Electronics, Drinks, Fashion items,Wines and Spirits, Electronics, Home,Kitchen Appliances Etc


WebMallNG is Nigeria’s online shopping mall for  Electronics, Fashion, Phones Etc