Nigeria Stock Exchange: 12 Websites For Daily Price List Update

Listed below is a list of websites and places where you can get daily live updates on Nigeria stock exchange market trends and price lists.

As an investor,you need to be up to date and informed about daily stock news so as to be aware of any changes and also to know where to buy or sell. 
I have compiled a list of places where you can get real time information on the Nigerian Stock Exchange daily market lists.

Nigeria Stock Exchange: Websites For Daily Live Price List

1. NG Trade Online

NG trade online is a company that offers different online stock trading services and also regularly posts stock prices in the market for individuals who want to buy and sell stocks.

2. Capital Assets

Another Nigerian company that dishes out latest prices of stocks in Nigeria on their website is Capital Assets. 

Capital Assets is one of the financial advisory and investment management services company in Nigeria. 

3. Daily Nigerian Newspapers

Almost all the Nigerian newspapers print detailed information on daily stock exchange market price including popular Nigerian newspapers like The Vanguard,Nigerian Tribune Etc 

Most of this popular Nigerian newspapers also have their different functional online websites that also post live updates of daily stock exchange market price list. 

4. The Nigerian Stock Exchange

The Nigerian Stock Exchange official website is where you would want to access if you want to get first hand live information about the Nigerian stock exchange market.

On their website you can also get daily, weekly and monthly detailed information about the Nigerian Stock exchange.

5. Central Securities Clearing Systems 

The Central Securities Clearing Systems also known as 
CSCS is the settling and clearing section of the Nigerian Stock exchange market,you can find real time update about the Nigerian stock exchange market price lists on CSCS's official website.  

6. Stock Market Nigeria

Just like the name implies,stock market Nigeria dishes out daily scoops about investment and also has a section where you can interact with other stock market traders.

You can also learn different ways to invest on stock market Nigeria's website. 

Also daily stock exchange market prices are also listed on the website. 

7. Money Hub

If you want to be updated on different stock exchange market prices of all stock exchange markets in Africa when you should probably visit money hub. 

Money hub is a business blog that provides top notch information and dishes out the latest business news in Africa. 

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8. Nse Pro

Nse pro is an online website that supplies information and news about the latest happenings in the Nigerian Stock Exchange Market.

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9. Cash Craft

Cash craft is a member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and is owned and managed by Cash craft Asset Management Limited,Daily price lists on Nigerian stocks exchange are also listed here. 

10. Nigerian Stockbrokers

Most pro stock brokers send notifications via their mailing lists to subscribers on their list,giving them real time information on the latest prices of stocks.
This is another means of getting daily real time updates on market prices of stock. 

11. NSE Listed Companies

You can also get daily information from the websites of the  companies that are listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. 

The website of this companies always have a section dedicated to listing the current and latest prices of stocks. 

12. Television Stations

Television stations in Nigeria also provide daily information on the latest stock prices in Nigeria,example of such Tv station is channels tv. 

All these are some of the places where you can find current update on the prices of stock exchange in Nigeria,however the most reliable places to get genuine,current and real time updates on the latest prices of stocks is from the The Nigerian Stock Exchange official website