Top 10 Nigerian Online Newspapers

Although most Nigerian Newspapers still print out traditional paper based newspaper,
almost all the top Nigerian newspapers now have a strong online presence. 

Their websites generates tons of traffic everyday as most readers now source for daily breaking news online.
Although currently there are over 70 Online Nigerian newspapers,but In this article we are going to look at some of the top 15 biggest online newspapers in Nigeria and their website links.

Online Nigerian Newspapers On The Internet: Top 10

1. Vanguard 

This newspaper was founded in 1984 and is one of the leading Newspapers in Nigeria today.

Vanguard newspaper is entertaining,educative,detailed and also reader friendly. 
The newspaper is also rated as one of the best newspaper in the country and has a lot of online readers.

2. Daily Sun

The publishers of daily sun are smart enough to target Nigerian young adults and it seems to be working. 

The daily sun is published by The Sun Publishing Ltd. The Sun Publishing Limited was founded on March 29, 2001.

In June 16, 2003 the daily sun started publishing newspapers daily.The Sun also has one of highest number of online readers in Nigeria. 

3. The Guardian

The Guardian's online newspaper is one of the most visited online newspaper in Nigeria.  
The newspaper's slogan is 'Conscience, Nurtured by Truth'.


Its online website receives tons of traffic on a daily basis from it's readers.

4. The Nation 

The Nation is one of Nigeria’s publisher of daily news.Its online website also receives a fair number of traffic from daily users.   

The newspaper dishes out current news on business, sports, arts, health, education, cartoons Etc 

5. Premium Times 
The premium times also has a strong online presence,with a lot of daily online users.

6. Daily Trust 

Daily trust is an online and daily publisher of news,the Newspaper began it's operation in 2001. 

7. The Punch

The punch is one of Nigeria’s popular newspaper. The punch online website receives a lot of traffic from it readers,the newspaper features articles on politics, business, stock market,cartoons, sports news Etc.


Punch is published by Punch (Nigeria) Ltd. 

8. Sahara Reporters 

Sahara Reporters is a powerful online community of both local and international news reporters and journalists reporting current news and events in Nigeria.

This news website has a very strong number of daily visitors and readers and is among the top best online news websites in Nigeria.

9. Newswatch 

One of the top online newspapers for breaking news in Nigeria.
NewsWatch reports daily on general news,politics, Economy,Technology Etc

10. Tell

Tell Newspaper has been publishing news in Nigeria for quite some time and is regarded as one of the  largest independent news magazine in the country. 

The news magazine has a strong online presence that covers government, politics and business news. 


11. ThisDay

This day newspaper appeals to both the old and young people.
ThisDay also has a very solid online presence and covers daily news from editorial content to lifestyle features,business Etc

12. Daily Post - 

Daily post newspaper is another Nigerian newspaper with a strong online presence.

13. Business World

Just as the name suggests,this newspaper focus and reports about the latest business news. 


14. Nigerian Tribune

The Nigerian tribune is one of the earliest and oldest nigerian newspapers. This newspaper was founded way back in 1949 by Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

The Nigerian tribune also has a fair amount of online readers. 

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15. Premium Times 

Premium Times is one of the Nigerian newspaper that aims to strengthen Nigeria’s democracy through promoting rich cultural practices.It's online website receives a fair amount of traffic.

16. Urhobo Times (Ughelli)

As the name suggests,the Urhobo times is a Nigerian newspaper that focuses on the Urhobo nation which is a small ethnic group in Nigeria. 

The newspaper has a strong online presence and receives a fair amount of traffic from it's faithful online readers.