Power Generation Companies In Nigeria

The Power Holding Company of Nigeria was a federal organization,
mandated with the responsibility of governing the use of electricity in Nigeria.

The company was formerly known as NEPA before being renamed to PHCN. 

The deplorable condition of electricity in Nigeria prompted the former president of Nigeria Dr Goodluck Jonathan to start making moves for the privatization of PHCN.
This eventually became a reality when the Federal Government enacted the Electric Power Sector Reform Act of 2005, which called for unbundling the national power utility company into a series of 18 successor companies: six generation companies,12 distribution companies covering all 36 Nigerian states, and a national power transmission company.

On September 2013 PHCN was dissolved following the privatization,then the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) was formed as a body that will help to monitor and regulate the Nigerian electricity industry.

Following the privatization of PHCN,the company was then divided into Local Distribution Companies (LDC).

These Local Distribution Companies (LDC) will be responsible for managing and handling electricity distribution in each of their state or region.

Listed below are the names of the 11 distribution companies,6 power generation companies,one transmission company and about 100 investors in electricity generation,transmission and distribution in Nigeria.

List of Nigerian Electricity Distribution Companies

  • Benin Electricity Distribution Company plc
  • Eko Electricity Distribution Company plc
  • Enugu Electricity Distribution Company plc
  • Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company plc
  • --
  • Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company plc
  • Abuja Electricity Distribution Company plc
  • Jos Electricity Distribution Company plc
  • Kano Electricity Distribution Company plc
  • Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company plc
  • Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company plc
  • Yola Electricity Distribution Company plc

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Power Generation Companies:

  • Afam Power plc
  • Egbin Power plc
  • Kainji Hydro-Electric plc
  • Sapele Power plc
  • Shiroro Hydro-Electric plc
  • Ughelli Power plc

Transmission Companies

  • Transmission company of Nigeria 

List Of Electricity Investor Companies 

Aba Power Ltd
Abuja Electricity Distribution Co Plc
AES Nigeria Barge Limited
Afam Power Plc
African Oxygen & Industrial Gases Limited
Agbara Shoreline Power Limited
Akute Power Limited
Alaoji Generation Co. Ltd (NIPP)
Anita Energy Limited
Azura Power West AFrica Limited
Benin Electricity Distribution Co Plc
Benin Generation Company Limited
Calabar Generation Company Limited
Century Power Generation Limited
CET Power Projects (Ewekoro)
CET Power Projects Ltd.
Egbema Generation Company Limited
Egbin Power Plc
Eko Electricity Distribution Co Plc
Eleme Petrochemical Company Limited
Energy Company of Nigeria (NEGRIS)
Energy Company of Nigeria Limited
CET Power Projects Ltd.
CET Power Projects(Sagamu)
ContourGlobal Solutions (Nig) Ltd
Coronation Power and Gas Limited
Delta Electric Power Limited
DIL Power Limited
DIL Power Plc
Energy Company of Nigeria Plc
Enersys Nigeria Limited
Enugu Electricity Distribution Co Plc
Ethiope Energy Limited
Ewekoro Power Ltd
Farm Electric Supply Ltd
First Independent Power Co. Ltd
Fortune Electric Power Co. Ltd
Gateway Electricity Limited
Gbarain Generation Company Limited
Geometric Power Ltd
Geregu Generation Company Limited
Geregu Power Plc (BPE)
Hudson Power Limited
Ibadan Electricity Distribution Co Plc
Ibafo Power Station Limited
Ibom Power Ltd
ICS Power Ltd
Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company 
Ikorodu Industrial Power Ltd
Ilupeju Power Limited
Income Electrix Limited
Island Power LImited
Isolo Power Generation Limited
JBS Wind Power Limited
Jos Electricity Distribution Company
Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company Plc
Kaduna Power Supply Company Limited
Kainji Hydro Electric Plc (Jebba Station)
Kainji Hydro Electric Plc (Kainji Station)
Kano Electricity Distribution Co Plc
Knox J&L Energy Solutions Limited
PH Electricity Distribution Co Plc
PZ Power Company Limited
Sapele Power Plc
Shell Petroleum Dev. Co. Ltd
Wedotebary Nigeria Limited
Westcom Technologies & Energy Services Ltd.
Yola Electricity Distribution company
Zuma Energy Nigeria Ltd (Gas Plant)
Zuma Energy Nigeria Ltd(Coal Plant)
Shiroro Hydro Electricity Plc 
Shoreline Power Company Limited
Supertek Electric Limited
Supertek Nig. Ltd
Tower Power Abeokuta Limited
Tower Power Utility Limited
Transmission Company of Nigeria
Ughelli Power Plc
Unipower Agbara Limited
Lotus & Bresson Nigeria Limited
Mabon Ltd
MBH Power Limited
Minaj Holdings Ltd
Nigerian Agip Oil Co. Ltd
Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc
Nigerian Electricity Supply Corporation (Nigeria) Limited (NESCO)
Notore Power Ltd
Ogorode Generation Co. Ltd (NIPP)
Olorunshogo Generation Co. Ltd (NIPP)
Olorunsogo Power Plc (BPE)
Omoku Generation Company Limited
Omotosho Generation Company Limited
Omotosho Power Plc (BPE)
Paras Energy & Natural Resources Development Limited


  1. How can a Community of over 3,000 houses be disconnected by IBEDC for over 11 month now without any written or oral information and NERC were dully informed both in Abeokuta, Ikeja and Abuja office did nothing about it.
    Now who else do we report to?


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