Top 13 Richest Footballers In The World


As a soccer or football fan,I guess you must have asked who is the richest football player in the whole world? 

This is a very tricky question,because a lot of people confuse  the richest football player in the world with being the highest paid player in the world,these are two different facts. 

Currently football business is worth billions of dollars and is the most popular sport in the world,the sport earn money from TV revenues and sponsorship deals from different world brands.
Also these world players are allowed to sign different sponsorship deals and endorsement which helps to enrich them even more. 

PSG broke a world record by signing former Barcelona talisman Neymar for a mouth watering fee of over £200 million pounds coupled with other adverts and endorsement deals Neymar has signed. There is no doubt that these pro athletes are making a lot of money. 

Today I bring to you the The 13 richest footballers in the world,lets check it out. 

Top 13 Richest Footballers In The World

13.  Luis Suárez- FC Barcelona - net worth £31million

According to Forbes,Luis Suárez is worth £31million pounds,he also has sponsorship deals 

with Adidas and Pepsi. 

12. Cesc Fàbregas -  Chelsea - net worth £35 million

Cesc gets paid by Chelsea around £8.1 million a year,he also has a Puma football boot deal that brings in cash totaling up to £35 million.

11. David Silva - Manchester City - net worth - £36 million

David gets paid £10.4 million a year from Manchester City,he also has an Adidas boot deal worth £5 million.

10. John Terry - net worth-  £39 million

The legendary Chelsea defender joined Aston Villa for about 
£4 million a year deal and is currently worth £39 million making him the 10th richest player in the world. 

9.  Sergio Agüero - Manchester City -  net worth £40 million

Manchester City's forward Sergio Agüero is paid £10.4 million a year by Manchester City,apart from that he also earns an extra £14 million from endorsements and sponsorship from Puma and Pepsi.

8. Yaya Touré - Manchester City - net worth £43 million 

Yaya is worth about £43 million pounds,according to reports he was earning £10.4 million a year but that was reduced by 50% because he didn't want to leave Manchester City.
He is ranked among the Top 3 richest African footballers in the world. 

7.  Neymar  Jr- Paris Saint-Germain - net worth-  £49 million

Neymar broke a world record by signing the biggest football transfer of all time.

He left FC Barcelona because they didn't accept his request for a salary increase,he then joined Paris Saint-Germain PSG. 

Neymar earns £26 million per year from that contract and apart from that,he will receives salary from his  sponsors like Nike, Panasonic, Red Bull Etc

Neymar also owns his own business.
6: Gareth Bale - Real Madrid - net worth £56 million 

Gareth Bale earns about  £18.2 million yearly from Real Madrid and his contract is going to last till 2022.

The Welsh forward also has sponsorship deals with  with Adidas,Sony,Footlocker Etc which are estimated to be worth around £9 million.
5. Eden Hazard- Chelsea FC - net worth £77 million

Chelsea pays Eden Hazard £12.4 million per year.

The Hazardous football attacking mid fielder is also sponsored by Nike.

4. Wayne Rooney, Everton - net worth-  £93 million

Whenever you mention the name Wayne Rooney what comes to your mind is 'Manchester United' but the striker has long left Man U,and now plays for Everton and earns £7.8 million per year.

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Rooney is Manchester United's all time leading goal scorer.

3.  Zlatan Ibrahimović - net worth- £110 million

Zlatan is among the Top 3 richest footballers in the world. He is expected to renew his deal at manchester united when he recovers from injury. 
The Swedish man has a lucrative Nike contract and even patented his own name in Sweden. 

2. Lionel Messi -  FC Barcelona - net worth £230 million

The football god Lionel Messi is speculated to be earning about half a million every week.

He also has sponsorship deals with brands like Adidas,Pepsi, Gillette, and Turkish Airlines which translates to more money for the Argentina team captain.

Messi earns an extra £21 million from endorsements.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - Real Madrid - net worth £250

Cristiano Ronaldo earns £19 million a year from Real Madrid. 

Ronaldo has sponsors like Nike,Tag Heuer,and Armani and also his own CR7 brand which sells after shave and clothes.