How To Activate And Use An Atm Card For The First Time

An Automated Teller Machine also known as ATM is a machine that
dispense cash and also performs other functions such as bills payments,air time recharge,balance inquiry Etc. An Atm card is used to withdraw money used to withdraw money from an Atm machine. 
An Atm card is usually linked directly to a Savings or Current account,this will enable you to have 24 hours access to the funds in your account. 

Using your naira Atm card you can make payment for goods and services across all payment channels i.e ATM, POS, WEB.
In this article we will look at how you can activate and make use of your new issued Atm card for the first time.  

How To Activate And Use An Atm Card For The First Time

Atm cards are issued by commercial banks,if you run a commercial or current account you can request to be issued an Atm card,most often after opening a new account with any commercial bank in Nigeria,you will be issued an Atm card for 
free,but afterwards,if you want to renew your Atm card,or perhaps in a situation where you misplace your Atm card,you will apply by filling an application form at the bank you opened the account in,you will be charged around N1000 to N1500 for another Atm card. 

After being issued a new Atm card,you will also be issued a document containing your default pin,this is what you will use to activate your Atm card for the first time. Follow the steps below: 
  • 1. Locate any Atm machine inside the bank you were issued the new Atm card. 
  • 2. Insert the card into the Atm machine.  

  • 3. Enter the default pin contained in the document issued by your bank. 
  • 4. Select ''Change Pin''
  • 5. Input your new Pin.
After this,you have successfully activated your Atm card and you can be able to make payments and withdraw money from any Atm machine in Nigeria. 

Features And Benefits Of Atm Card

  • 24 hours access to funds
  • Secure and convenient means of payment
  • 3 years Validity
  • Daily Transaction Limits
How To Take Care Of Your Card /Card Safety & Security

1. Never disclose your personal card details such as Card number, Card PIN, iPIN, CVV2 (3 digits behind the card) and expiry date to anyone.

2. Keep your Atm card away from heat and from mobile phones, radio equipment, magnet or magnetic materials and any device emitting electromagnetic waves (including radio) this can wipe out the data stored on the chip of your card.