How To Prepare For Marriage In Nigeria :10 Steps 


Marriage is a vow made by two people who intend to live together as long as they live.

In Nigeria marriage is a very solid bond,and according to the tradition of most Nigerian tribes,marriage is for a lifetime. 

Many people are experiencing discomfort in their marriages,but because of the stigma that comes with divorce in Nigeria,they re still reluctant to get a divorce,actually as a matter of fact,so many couples has fallen out of love all because they did not prepare very well for marriage. 
Before you start your own home,there are some facts that you should consider and preparations to be made,you have to prepare for marriage physically,mentally,financially and most importantly you also have to prepare yourself for marriage in God's way. 

Listed below are some major factors that you must consider in other to enjoy a blissful marriage.

10 Major Steps On How To Prepare For Marriage In Nigeria

1. Courtship

This is the period when the future couples are still dating and getting to know themselves,this stage is very important because it tends to reveal some of your partner's flaws.

At this stage if you cannot tolerate his/her flaws then it's important that you quit the relationship before it gets too serious. However if your willing to tolerate and overlook some of the flaws in your partner,and you feel deep inside that you are genuinely in love,then you should probably go ahead.

2. Engagement

This is the next step after courtship,the man will have to propose to the women,if she accepts then that means that a wedding date will soon be fixed.
To the men out there,before engaging a woman,make sure she is the one you truly love and want to spend the rest of your life with.

3. Financial Preparation

You have to be financially buoyant before you decide to host a wedding.In Nigeria there are different steps and procedure to take that will require money,both the traditional and white wedding,couples who are not yet financially stable should wait and save money before hosting a wedding. 

Also you should note that financing a wedding shouldn't necessarily be the sole responsibility of the man,the woman should also endeavor to contribute her own quota. 

4. Emotional & Mental Preparation

This is one aspect that is mostly neglected especially in Nigeria,and definitely one of the causes of broken marriages and separation. Before saying 'I do'  make sure that you are emotionally and mentally ready for the task ahead.

Marriage is not a bed of roses,there will be good and bad times,being emotionally and mentally strong will help you navigate the deep waters of marriage. 

5. Spiritual Preparation

God should come first before you marry,make sure that you seek the face of God,and follow and obey all the rites of marriage as it is written in the holy book.

6. Self Control & Respect 

Marriage will restrict some of the things you love to do,for example going out and coming back late at night, Etc. 

The moment you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone,you have to respect your spouse and cut off some offensive habits.

7. Submission

Knowing your place in a marriage will help to avert so many problems,the man is the head of the family,the woman is meant to be submissive,but in a situation whereby there is a change of roles,or where couples do not understand their place,there will be a lot of problems in the marriage,future wives should also learn to be submissive. 
8. Social Preparation

Everyone in your social circle need to be updated. You should also get ready to deal with the response of your friends and family when you reveal your intention to get hitched to a particular person.You might be advised not to marry a particular person,all you have to do is to listen to their own opinions before going ahead to make your own decision.

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9. Extended Families

You have to get ready and to deal with the extended family of the one you intend the rest of your life with,and believe me,sometimes they can be very annoying.  

10. Love

Make sure you intend to marry someone that you truly love,if you do so,you will notice that marriage preparation and marriage is not rocket science,everything will become surprisingly easy,and will perfectly fall into place.


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