How To Withdraw Money With Atm Card In Nigeria 

An Automated Teller Machine also known as ATM is a machine that dispense cash and also
performs other functions such as bills payments,air time recharge,balance inquiry Etc.

This functions however,will only be possible if your issued an debit/credit card which is popularly called an Atm card in Nigeria. 
With am Atm card you can carry out several transaction using an Atm machine. 

In this post we shall discuss how you can easily withdraw money using your Atm card in Nigeria. 

How To Withdraw Money With Atm Card In Nigeria

One of the benefits of having an Atm card is that you can withdraw money from anywhere you see a functional Atm machine,any time of the day,if however you don't have an Atm 

card,then it means you can only have access to cash when you visit your bank's banking hall and withdraw using a bank teller. 

1. Observe

The first thing you should do is to look around and observe that no one is lurking around,some people do not take notice of this and may end up getting robbed. 

2. Insert Your Debit Card 

Insert your already activated debit card popularly known as Atm card into the machine,you should also note that if your not using your banks designated Atm machine you will be charge N65 for each money withdrawal. 

3. Select Language

Some Atm machines will ask you to select your preferred language,although this is not common. If the Atm machine request for this,simply press and select '' English Language''.  

4. Input Your Pin

The Atm machine will request that you input or enter your personal pin (secret number). 

Your Pin is also known as ''personal identification number'',it is usually a 4 digit number password.

Enter your PIN number,using the numeric keypad containing numbers,make sure no one else is watching you as you type in your pin. Be on the lookout for camera's that might be installed at atm machine centers by criminals trying to steal your atm pin and card information. 

5. Select Your Specific Transaction 

After typing in your Atm pin,the atm machine will display different transaction options on the screen such as "withdrawal" "account balance'' Etc simply click on the ''withdrawal'' button/option. 

6. Savings or Current Account

The Atm machine will request that you input the type of account your Atm card is connected to,whether current or savings,select either current or savings account depending on the type of account your running with the bank. 

7. Select Amount To Be Withdrawal

The Atm machine will display different cash denominations on the screen,cash amount such as 

N1,000, N2,000, N3,000, N5,000, N10,000, N15,000, N20,000 or N40,000, select the amount of cash you want to withdraw. 
If however the amount want to withdraw is not displayed on the Atm screen,click on ''Other'' then input the amount of money you want to withdraw. 

8. Take Your Cash

All you have to do is to wait for some seconds for the Atm machine to process your request,after which your cash will be ejected from the Atm machine,take your cash. 

How To Avoid Atm machine Errors

Most often people run into distress because they couldn't take some precautions while using an Atm machine in Nigeria. 

Before you use an Atm machine check out the following:

  • 1. Ask for the highest denominations an Atm machine can dispense or withdraw a smaller amount like N5,000 or N10,000 multiple times if your trying to collect a hugh amount of money. Some Atm machines might malfunction when you input a hugh amount. 
  • --
  • 2. The average maximum amount of money you can withdraw from an Atm machine per day is N150,000,this can be higher,depending on the type of account you run with your bank. 
  • 3. Try to make withdrawals from your banks designated Atm machine,try to avoid using other banks if possible,plus you will be charged N65 for making use of another bank's Atm machine. 
  • 4. Try to check your account balance first before making withdrawals from any Atm machine. This will help you to be aware of any possible network problem.
  • 5. Don't rush to insert your Atm card,make sure that you insert your Atm card into the Atm machine properly,with the card chip facing forward.
  • 6. If an Atm machine displays ''temporarily unable to dispense cash'' look for another Atm machine to withdraw money from,it means that the Atm machine has run out of cash to dispense.


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