Nigerian Air Force: Rank,Emblem,Insigna,Symbols,Salary And Uniforms (Pictures)


So you want to join the Nigerian Airforce?
Or perhaps your a fan of the Nigerian Airforce and want to know more about the Nigerian Airforce ranks,emblem,insigna,salary and uniform. 
This article contains all the details about the Nigerian Airforce rank structure that you should know. 

Nigerian Air Force

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is the air arm of the Nigerian Armed Forces,it is rated as one of the largest in Africa with about 10,000 personnel.
When it comes to the rank structure of the Nigerian Airforce,it is structured and similar to the British Royal Air Force's rank structure.

The Nigerian Airforce was founded in 18 April 1964 and has been operational for over 52 years. 

The Nigerian Airforce is headquartered in Abuja Nigeria's capital city Abuja. The motto of the Nigerian Airforce is "Willing … Able … Ready".

Nigerian Air Force: Rank,Emblem,Insigna,Symbols And Uniforms

Listed below are some of the quick facts that you should know about the Nigerian Airforce Rank Structure.
  • 1. The Nigerian Air force is structured and similar to the British Royal Air Force's rank structure. 
  • 2. There are 10 ranks in the Nigerian Airforce for commissioned officers while there are There are 9 ranks in the Nigerian Airforce for non-commissioned officers. 
  • 3. Marshal is the highest rank of the Nigerian Air Force followed by Air Chief Marshal.
  • 4. Pilot Officer is the lowest rank for commissioned officers, while Recruit is the lowest rank for a non commissioned officer. 

Nigerian Air Force Rank For Commissioned Officer

1. Marshal Of The Airforce

2. Air Chief Marshal

3. Air Marshal

4. Air Vice-Marshal

5. Air Commodore

6. Group Captain

7. Wing Commander

8. Squadron Leader

9. Flight Lieutenant

10. Flying Officer

11. Pilot Officer


Nigerian Army Symbols & Logo

Nigerian Air Force Rank For Non-Commissioned Officers

12. Air Warrant Officer

13. Master Warrant Officer

14. Warrant Officer

15. Pilot Sergeant

16. Sergeant

17. Corporal

18. Lance-Corporal

19. Aircraftman

- Nil -

20. Recruit

- Nil -

Nigerian Airforce Insigna & Emblem

Nigerian Airforce Insigna

 Nigerian Airforce Emblem

Salary Structure For Commissioned & Non Commissioned Airforce Officers

  • Cadet (Trainee): N44,564 monthly salary 
  • Aircraftman woman: N53,892 monthly salary
  • --
  • Lance Corporal: N55,832 monthly salary
  • Corporal: N58,634 monthly salary
  • Sergeant: N69,261 monthly salary 
  • Flight Sergeant: N87,119 monthly salary
  • Warrant Officer: N101,974 monthly salary
  • Master Warrant Officer: N165,697 monthly salary
  • Air Warrant Officer: N171,793 monthly salary
  • Pilot Officer: N190,159 monthly salary
  • Flying Officer: N218,400 monthly salary
  • Flight Lieutenant: N232,484 monthly salary
  • Squadron Leader: N248,004 monthly salary
  • Wing Comdr: N342,586 monthly salary
  • Group Captain: N352,631 monthly salary
  • --
  • Air Commodore: N677,895 monthly salary
  • Air Vice-Marshal: N1,376,343 monthly salary
  • Air Marshal: N1,486,451 monthly salary
  • Air Chief Marshal: N1,824,283 monthly salary

All the salaries structure rates quoted in this post are not the exact salary figures but only estimates.