Top 12 Oil Servicing Companies In Nigeria  

Nigeria is one of the top oil producing countries in the world and the
largest oil producing nation in Africa, and as expected,there should be a lot of oil companies and oil servicing firms located in Nigeria.

This article contains the list of some of the top oil serving companies and their contact details.
Before we proceed,its important that you know what an oil servicing company is and its roles and functions,because a lot of people are confused about this.

What is an Oil servicing company?

An Oil servicing company is a company that help other oil firms (upstream and downstream) to carry out projects and operations. 

This projects may include Drilling,logging,data processing,well services, reservoir services,Seismics Etc.
Now you know what an oil servicing company is,as someone that has an interest in the oil field in Nigeria you should also know about the upstream,midstream and downstream sector.

Allow me to briefly explain the upstream,midstream and downstream sector before I proceed to our main topic of the day.

Upstream (Exploration & Production Companies)

Upstream is all about the process of extracting the oil and refining it,oil companies that have refineries are basically categorized under upstream.

Downstream Companies

Downstream is also basically the commercial side of the business i.e the marketing,sales and distribution of petroleum products,all the fuel stations,domestic gas sales outlets Etc are all parts of the downstream section.

Midstream Companies

These are companies that sometimes act like intermediaries between the upstream and downstream,midstream companies deals with processing and refining of the crude oil.
Upstream is the most lucrative area in the business of oil and gas in Nigeria,although it's very capital intensive,before we digress let us take a look at some of our top oil servicing firms/companies in Nigeria.

Top Oil Servicing Firms In Nigeria

1. Schlumberger

Schlumberger is one of the leading provider of technology for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.
Schlumberger offers different services to other oil firms such as reservoir characterization, drilling, production,processing Etc
Schlumberger is also a multinational company with locations in different parts of the world.

2. Delta Marine Oil Services Limited

Delta Marine owns and also lease all the necessary equipment and tools needed to carry out any operation which is fully certified and endorsed.

The Company carries out a lot of services including drill bits, axial compressors, pumping, pressure testing, well testing, well completion, production drilling Etc

They have offices in Warri, Lagos and London.

3. First Fossil Nigeria

First Fossil Nigeria Limited (FFL) is one of the indigenous companies in Nigeria that provides professional Training and Consulting services to Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria. This company kicked off in 2005.

The company has experienced professionals with good technical skills who already have an in-depth knowledge of a large variety of projects and operations in the upstream and downstream sector.

4. Tecon Oil Services

Tecon is an Indigenous company that is equipped with inventory of drilling and fabrication  of equipments,and is ready to make them available for rent or lease .

Tecon Oil Services Limited provides equipments for upstream sector for Drilling,Rigs, Casing, Fabrication, Jar, Downholes Etc

5. Global Energy Company

Global Energy Company Ltd. provides energy resources, engineering, and infrastructure solutions for the upstream sector, It offers services such as offshore oil and gas fabrication, structural pipe rolling Etc

6. AOS Orwell

AOS Orwell is a merger of two Nigerian-based oil service companies,forming one of the largest service companies in Nigeria.
The company has over 30 years of experience in oil well construction and services in the Nigerian oil business.Their services include drilling tool rental, process automation and remedial services as well as oil well construction.

AOS Orwell also has offices in different African countries.

7. Petrok Oil & Gas Services Limited

Petrok Oil And Gas Services Limited is one of the oil and gas servicing companies in Nigeria.
The company renders services such as: Manpower Supply and Development, Equipment/Material Supply Services, Marine Vessel Supply,Offshore Operations,etc

8. Ciscon Services

Ciscon is an indigenous Nigerian company that provides various products and services to the petroleum industry industry. The company has several years of experience.Their head office is located in Rivers State.

9. Tricontinental Oil Services Limited

Tricontinental Oil Services Limited is a service company that provides Consulting and Engineering Services.

Tricontinental Oil Services Limited has its head office located in Lagos and two other branch offices in Port Harcourt, Rivers State & Warri,Delta State.

10. Damagix Nigeria Limited

Damagix Nigeria Limited is an indegenous oil service company that was incorporated in 1993,the company provides services such as line pipes supply,oil and gas consultancy services Et

11. Chrome Group

Chrome group is a multibillion dollar conglomerate,that is headquartered in Abuja.
The company has interest in the oil and gas business in Nigeria and also offer services to other upstream oil companies in Nigeria. Some of their services include rehabilitation of jetties and tankers, servicing of petrochemical plants, servicing of refineries Etc.

12. Maerlin Limited

Maerlin Ltd is an oil and gas servicing company that is located in Lagos.Their services include: coiled tubing, perforation, snubbing and cementing Etc. 


Denca Services Limited

Denca Services Limited has over 30 years experience in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. The company is one of the efficient service companies in Nigeria,Their services include pipeline construction, distribution of oil and gas products, maritime logistics Etc