Rank In The Nigerian Army,Badges And Symbols (Pictures)


This post contains pictures and descriptions depicting the
rank,badges and symbols of the Nigerian Army. 

Rank In The Nigerian Army,Badges And Symbols

Quick Facts / History Of The Nigerian Army

  • 1. The Nigerian Army was Founded in 1960 and has a size of about 100,000. 
  • 2. The Nigerian Army is headquartered in Abuja,Nigeria.
  • 3. The Motto of Nigerian army is "Victory is from God alone".
  • 4. The Nigerian Army Military Engagements include:The Congo Crisis,Nigerian Civil War,First Liberian Civil War,Sierra Leone Civil War,Conflict in the Niger Delta,Northern Mali War,and of recent the Invasion of the Gambia.

  • 5. Official website of the Nigerian Army : www.army.mil.ng
  • 6. The Nigerian Army Divisions Across The Country are: 1st Division, headquartered in Kaduna,2nd Division (HQ Ibadan,3rd Armoured Division HQ in Jos,81st Division (Amphibious) HQ in Lagos,82nd Division (Airborne and Amphibious) HQ in Enugu,7th Infantry Division (JTF-RO) HQ in Maiduguri,6 Division HQ Port Harcourt,8 Division HQ Sokoto.
  • 7. The lowest rank in the Nigerian army is called 'Private' while the highest rank is called 'Field Marshal'. 


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Rank In The Nigerian Army,Badges And Symbols (Pictures)

Nigerian Army Rank Structure With Pictures 

Non commissioned Soldiers Rank (With Pictures)

19. Recruit / Private

A recruit or a private has no insigna

18. Lance Corporal

17. Corporal

16. Sergeant

15. Staff Sergeant

14. Warrant Officer

13. Master Warrant Officer

12. Army Warrant Officer

Nigerian Army Commissioned Officers Rank (With Pictures) 

11.Second Lieutenant

10.First Lieutenant

9. Captain

8. Major

7. Lieutenant Colonel

6. Colonel

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5. Brigadier

4. Major General

3. Lieutenant General

2. General

1. Field Marshal


  1. What differentiates the Master Warrant Officer from the Army Warrant Officer?


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