Ranks In The Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army ranks are similar to that of the United Kingdom.

Whether you want to joining the Nigerian Army or perhaps your a fan of the Nigerian Army,its important that you know the different various ranks in the Nigerian Army.
Listed below is the rank hierarchy of commissioned and non commissioned officers in the Nigerian Army. 

Ranks In The Nigerian Army

Nigerian Army Ranks (Commissioned Officers) 

There are 11 ranks for commissioned officers in the Nigerian Army,they are listed below: 

Nigerian Army Ranks For Non-commissioned Officers (Ratings)

There are 8 ranks in the Nigerian Army for non-commissioned officers. They are listed below:

  • 12. Warrant Officer Class I
  • 13. Warrant Officer Class II
  • 14. Staff Sergeant
  • 15. Sergeant
  • 16. Corporal
  • 17. Lance-corporal
  • 18. Privat
  • 19. Recruit
A recruit / private is the lowest rank in the Nigerian Army rank system.