Stella Dimoko Korkus: Biography,Blog,Pictures,Husband & Full Contact Details

Stella Dimoko Korkus has succeeded in carving
a niche for herself when it comes to blogging in Nigeria,she owns one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria called the SDK Blog.

Listed below are some of the 20 quick facts that you should know about popularly blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus. 

Stella Dimoko Korkus: 

1. Stella Dimokokorkus blog -SDK blog is one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria.  

2. Her blog features famous celebrity gossips and a lot of other interesting topics. Her loyal blog visitors and readers are referred to as SDKers.
3. Apart from the regular entertainment and celebrity gossip on her blog,she als features some other interesting sections on her blog such as ‘The in-house news (IHN)’, ‘wordless post’ ‘Chronicles of  a blog visitor’, ‘educative, entertaining and inspirational’, , ‘spontaneous post’, ‘Saturday laughs’ Etc

4. According to information circulating online,there is a subtle feud between popular blogger Linda Ikeji and Stella Dimoko Korkus,both of them are popular bloggers in Nigeria. 

5. Stella once addressed the insinuations that their is a rivalry between the two bloggers,rather she stated that there is no threat whatsoever but a healthy competition between them.

6. Stella Dimoko Korkus was born in Lagos Nigeria. 

7. Stella graduated from the University of Benin with a 3rd class degree in Linguistics with English as a reference.

8. Stella runs her SDK blog from Germany.

9. She relocated to Germany in 2004 after getting married to her husband, Stephan, in 2003.

10. Stella was once a print journalist before she started and delved into blogging.

11. The first blog she opened wasn't successful,that didn't discourage her,she persisted and started another blog which became a success. 
12. Her typical day at work starts at 5 am.

13. Because of some of her controversial posts,she has received some backlash from people and has been sued several times. 

14. When she was growing up,she always had a flair for writing stories. 

15. Stella started Journalism after being frustrated from not getting a bank job. 
16. Stella kicked off her journalism career by writing articles for  Encomium and Hints magazine. 

17. She also stated that she was a victim of harassment while in the University,perhaps that was why her grades were affected. 

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18. She is a recipient of the Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award For Online Blog Of The Year.

19. You can visit her blog at www​

20. She also blogs about the Nigerian movie industry popularly known as Nollywood. 

You can contact stella with the contact information listed below: 
Mobile: +4915210329280


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