12 Types Of People You See In Nigerian Banks And ATM Centers 

Nigerians can be funny,this article is about the different types
of people that are found in Nigerian banks and ATM centers everyday.

10 Types Of People You See In Nigerian Banks And ATM Centers 

1.  "I dey your back" Crew

The first thing these people do is to rush to the queue and ask ''who is the last person?'' when they have not even collected a 
deposit or withdrawal slip,after finding who the last person is,then they will say '' I dey your back'' to the last person on the queue before proceeding to the customer care center or going to collect a slip. 

2. Professional Pen Borrowers

These type of people never visit the Bank with a Pen,instead they will visit with the intention of collecting a pen from other people in the bank.

These people will walk up to you and ask you ''Pls do you have a pen'', if your not careful and smart enough to identify who borrowed your pen,then that will probably be the last time you will see your pen.

3. The Confused Ones

These type of people are commonly found at ATM centers. Sometimes during rush hours an Atm center can be filled with a lot of people trying to withdraw money,patiently standing under the scorching heat of the sun,then there comes the confused ones that will make you wish that you had a private Atm machine at home.

These group of people will literally stand in front of an Atm machine for minutes pressing random buttons,wasting time and will eventually leave without making withdrawals,if you ask them why they wasted time,their response is will be '' I just dey do transfer'', maybe na video game dem dey play there.  
4. Abeg ''Is It Paying''?

The first thing these type of people will ask you at any Atm center or location in Nigeria after just arriving is to point to the Atm machine and say ''abeg is it paying''?

They are trying to find out from people already at the vicinity if the Atm machine is dispensing cash and also to indirectly find out if the Atm machine is faulty. 

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5. Master Delayers

This type of people come to the bank with heavy sum of cash to deposit and most often the cash has to be counted before deposited,hence taking a lot of time,some of them even come with five naira notes,this situation can actually be very annoying and frustrating especially when your coming to deposit just one thousand five hundred naira.

6. The Connected Ones

This type of people are the connected ones that do not see the need to stand on the queue with other people,all they have to do is to walk to the cashiers office or the manager's office and conduct his/her transactions swiftly before exiting the Bank. 

7. The ''Bank Door Rejectees''

These people always have a problem whenever they try to gain access to the Banking hall they are always rejected by the security door,sometimes you will start wondering if they swallowed a metal object. 

8. Date Seekers

These people will meet you in the banking hall and ask you the date,month and even the year,this will make you wonder if these people are actually aliens from another planet,they will also proceed to ask other people the same question just to be sure. 

9. The Slip Wasters

These people destroy bank deposit and withdrawal slips,they keep on making mistakes and end up needing to use another slip. 

10. The Shy Ones

This people will walk into the Bank and stand on the queue for hours only for them to be told that they are on the wrong queue,this people are actually shy to ask questions. 

11. Doubting Thomas

These people mean business and are not ready for any type of jokes either from the Bank or the dispensing atm machine. After collecting cash from the Atm machine,they will stand in front of the machine to count the money and make sure it's complete,they don't even care if other people are waiting,No Jokes!! 

12. The Classy Ones

These type of people act way too civilized even to their own detriment,they can allow other customers to take their spot,they just don't have time to exchange words with other customers. 

So tell me,which category do you belong to?
And what other categories of people do you meet in different  Nigerian banks? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment in the comment box.