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Chi Farms has been operational in the agro-allied industry operating for many years in Nigeria.

Chi Farms is headquartered in Ajanla Village. The company has facilities spread in over 200 hectares, for poultry farming, hatcheries, catfish production, fruit and vegetable production, Etc.
Chi farms has interest in Agro-allied operations,Marketing and sales of drugs, vaccines and chemicals,servicing,sales,installation and repairs of Agro-Allied Equipment and Machines and also the Manufacturing of Fruit Drinks and Fruit Juices.

Chi Farms 

Q: Chi Farms Products?

1. Meat Processing

The company produce up to 20 tons of smoked chicken per month.

2. Broiler Breed

Producing and storing commercial broilers.

3. Hatchery

Two equipped modern and automatic machines for production of  good quality commercial and parent stock chicks.

4. Feedmill Production

The company produce finished poultry feeds(8 tonnes per hour),and also has silo for grain storage.
5. Crop production

Maize and soybean are cultivated for livestock feed production.Pineapple, citrus, papaya and mango are also grown on a land area of over 100 hectare capacity.

These are sold fresh and also used in processing of popular capri - sonne and Chivita drinks and juices.

Also ornamental flowers and exotic plants of aesthetic and economic value are cultivated.

6. Beef Production

Breeding cows are kept intensively for breeding operations,two ranches are also on Ajanla farms for beef production and calf fattening. 

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7. Aquaculture

Chi Farms intensive catfish farming project is capable of producing over 2 million fingerlings and 250 tonnes of Catfish,it is rated as one of the largest in Africa.

Q: Chi Farms,recruitment and career?

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Q: Chi Farms Head Office Address & Locations?

Chi Farms Head Office:

  • No 14, Chivita Avenue, Ajao Estate, 
  • Ikeja, Lagos,
  • Phone:
  • +234 1 280 6770 - 79
  • +234 1 774 0383
  • Fax:
  • +234 1 271 9265 / 66
  • Chi Farms
  • Off KM 20, Ibadan-Lagos Expressway, 
  • Ibadan, Oyo State.
  • Phone:
  • +234 083 3191 512