How To Get An ISBN In Nigeria: Cost & Requirements 


So your planning to publish a book,or an e-publication,its important that you get an ISBN for your book or e-publication. 

This post contains everything you need to know about the cost and requirements you need to provide before you can be issued an ISBN in Nigeria. 

What is an ISBN?

An ISBN is an acronym for International Standard Book Number,an ISBN is a 13 digit number (Eg 978-0-326-41615-0) that identifies a book for purposes of commerce and supply. 
What this means is that your ISBN is unique and no two books can have the same identical ISBN.

The ISBN is made of 13 digits, divided into 5 parts using either hyphen or spaces with the first 3 representing the international code followed by the next 3 digits which serves as country identifier, then the next 3 goes for the publisher identifier and then the next 3 stands for title identifier. 

The last digit is the check digit. 

Having an ISBN code is essential if you want people to take your published books seriously and also for it to be showcased in major libraries and bookstores in and out of Nigeria 

How To Get An ISBN In Nigeria - Cost & Requirements 

You can get an ISBN In Nigeria for published and unpublished books at the offices of the National library of Nigeria. 

An ISBN will also help to authenticate the ownership of your book. Also global ordering and distribution of your books both physical and online will be made possible and will be mainly executed by ISBN.
Requirements For Getting An ISBN Number 

  • Visit the ISBN office,the offices are located at The National Library (in Abuja or Lagos).
  • A formal Letter of application for assignment of an ISBN made on the letter head paper of the Publisher/Author or Institution, and addressed to The Director (NBCD), National Library of Nigeria Headquarters, ISBN office, Abuja or processed through any of the State Branch offices.

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  • A photocopy of Certificate of Registration obtained from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  • OR a National Identity card OR valid Driver's License for author publisher, should be attached for identification.
  • Visual proof of the existence of the publication(s) should be shown. 
  • The publisher/Author must produce type-set copy(s) of the manuscript(s), or at least the preliminary pages of the publication(s) i.e preface, introduction, forward, content table, title page, verso, etc.
  • Request for a block of ten (10) ISBN should present visual proofs of at least Seven (7) manuscripts or the preliminary pages of the work to be published.
  • Evidence of full utilization of ISBN(s) earlier assigned in form of letter(s) of acknowledgement of receipt from National Library of Nigeria of having deposited the required number of copies of their previous publications to the National Library as required by Law i.e. 
  • (a) Private Publisher's -three (3) copies
  • (b) State Governments and their Agencies-ten (10) copies, 
  • (c) Federal Government and their Agencies- twenty five (25) copies.
  • All administrative fees charged for ISBN henceforth should be made to NLN e.Account (Remita).
Cost/ Administrative Fees
  • 1 or 2 Single ISBN = N2,500.00
  • 3 - 10 Block of ISBN = N5,000.00
  • 100 Block of ISBN = N10,000.00
  • 1000 Block of ISBN = N20,000.00
  • Restoration of Lost Block of Ten ISBN = N2,500.00
  • Restoration of Lost Block of Hundred ISBN = N5,000.00
  • Restoration of Lost Block of 1,000 ISBN = N10,000.00

After making payments present your teller for services to be rendered.

Your application will be processed within 10 working days of receipt to enable the preparation of the cataloguing in publication (CIP).

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The ISBN can be written in each publication title page,Base of the title page,Base of the spine,The back of the cover in nine-point or larger or The back of the dust-jacket and on the back of any other protective cover. 


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